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Engaging the electorate

Download our report to learn how voters are spending more time on streaming and why political advertisers should leverage the opportunity for their campaigns.

Getting out the vote with Connected TV

Discover how political ad agency GMMB helped a presidential campaign win over voters in 15 key swing states during an unprecedented election year.

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Taking a page out of the political playbook

Political marketers are anticipating a massive year for ad growth ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Discover what advertisers can learn from their campaigning counterparts.

Candidates opt for an increasingly digital campaign trail

Find out why advances in technology may see 2024 as the first year many political advertisers implement a digital-first strategy.

For Context: The evolution of political media

Today, political spending is up 1500% from 2020, but to understand how we got here, we need to go back... way back. Join us as we explore the evolution of political media — from 1950 to today.

U.S. political ad spend on digital projected to jump 156 percent

Historically, digital platforms have been relegated to a tiny slice of the political-ad-dollar pie, but 2024 may be a lot different. See how streaming’s rising influence is about to change everything.


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