Case Studies

To best understand an advertiser’s campaign, a buyer needs total visibility into every possible insight. What days of week produce the most conversions? How long should you retarget a customer after they place an item in their shopping cart? What’s the right number of ads to show a prospective customer? How far will customers travel for a restaurant or retail store?

Connected TV

Find out how Sheehy and a national QSR chain leveraged CTV through The Trade Desk to extend the audience reach of their broadcast TV buy.

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Programmatic Audio

A programmatic Spotify audio buy on The Trade Desk outperforms a direct Spotify audio buy for an international telephone service provider.

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eEffective and Higher Education

Charged with growing applications for a national online university, eEffective employed a “household” strategy optimizing the campaign to reach all members of the home of likely applicants.

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AudiencePredictor applies algorithmic learning to 3rd party data to build an audience comprised of users who matter for achieving an ad group’s configured goals. In this study discover:

  • How to identify and grow your reach
  • Improve click-throughs
  • Drop CPAs
  • Stablize overall performance

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