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We sat down with @Twitter, @Snapchat, @Spotify and @XaxisTweets to talk about importance of short-form video advert… https://t.co/GM2iaNT4Au

October 15

Thank you @CNBC for sitting down with our CEO @jefftgreen to discuss what’s next for digital advertising.… https://t.co/KzMto8eniB

October 15

Find out on #TheTradeDeskBlog how #AI is powering a new era of super-marketers: https://t.co/kEb4AeC27c https://t.co/Vm4X2gJipN

October 12

“With programmatic, advertisers can fill gaps in their linear strategies, reach incremental streaming audiences, an… https://t.co/wkJFXXwWjt

October 11