Measuring Success in Digital Advertising: 2020 Report

84 percent of marketers are under new pressure to justify marketing spend.

During 2020, marketers dealt with disruption, change and innovation at an unprecedented rate. In this new normal, chief marketing officers had to do more with less, prove the business value of every advertising dollar, and manage a rapidly evolving media environment.

New research conducted by The Trade Desk casts a spotlight on how modern marketers are navigating this new environment.

Our report finds that the value of data-driven digital advertising and measurement has never been higher. The economic pressure on marketers now means they must show the efficacy of an ad campaign, and that has put a new premium on data-driven and analytical skills.

Download our white paper — Measuring Success in Digital Advertising — to dig deeper into some of our key findings:

  • Why marketers are tearing up the old playbooks— including with traditional KPIs—in favor of more measurable performance tactics
  • Why marketers are recognizing the value premium content, shifting budgets away from user generated content
  • Why data portability and transparency are so significant when it comes to measuring the success of a campaign