The latest advertising insights from the open internet

Introducing The Trade Desk’s inaugural Sellers and Publishers Report

The open internet is at a tipping point

In 2023, for the second year in a row, Facebook and Google accounted for less than half of all digital advertising spending. There are many reasons for the shift, but chief among them is the increasing popularity of premium content only found on the open internet.

In this report, we explore how fast-growing channels like Connected TV and audio are accelerating the shift to the premium internet. And we unveil our first-ever "Best of the Open Internet" list— the 100 most popular and engaging digital destinations for advertisers right now.

Blue bar chart representing 'Time spent (% share) with the open internet vs. walled gardens

Source: GlobalWebIndex (GWI Core): FY 2014, 2017, 2020 and 2023. Market: USA; Adults 18+ Avg Daily Time Spent by Media.

The Best of the Open Internet

The Best of the Open Internet includes the most popular and engaging digital publishers across all digital channels (including web, Connected TV, digital audio, etc.). This ranking assesses each destination on the open internet according to a range of criteria, including advertising quality (such as viewability, ads to content ratio and refresh rate), reach, decisioned programmatic inventory, supply path efficiency, and distribution quality — and then showcases the top 100, the very best of the open internet. This assessment was conducted in partnership with Sincera, a leading digital advertising data company.