Green graphic displaying the Sellers and Publishers 500+ from The Trade Desk

The next level of inventory targeting: Sellers and Publishers 500+

There’s a new tool you can use to reach audiences across the best of the open internet and it’s only available in Kokai. The Sellers and Publishers 500+ simplifies the mechanics of reaching your audience by giving you access to a collection of top-quality inventory sources via a list of premium publishers and placements.

If you’re a media buyer tasked with scaling large budgets against narrowly defined audience segments, and the brand is sensitive to inventory quality, what do you do?

Typically, you’ve have had two options: put together a bunch of private marketplace (PMP) deals and tirelessly troubleshoot to make sure their campaigns are spent in full. Or target the open market and constantly filter, exclude, and otherwise control inventory quality across the fragmented marketplace.

Chart displaying the different options and advantages and disadvantages of the Sellers and Publishers 500+

The inventory solution

What if you could have the advantages of curation while also maintaining scale? What would the impact look like if you could shift energy away from a manual deal setup and toward meaningful optimizations?

The Trade Desk introduces a third option: the Sellers and Publishers 500+, an efficient way to buy the most premium inventory on the open internet.
Global TV, web, and audio inventory is measured and vetted on criteria including the quality of the ad experience and supply path transparency.

Where you’d typically select “open market” on the platform (Kokai), the “Sellers and Publishers 500+” can be selected instead. Not only does this option give you access to the highest quality impressions across the open internet, but also to publishers that have historically required 1:1 deals. Media buyers now get an omnichannel inventory option that empowers them to reach audiences wherever they are while also scaling budgets with peace of mind.

The solution is different from targeting a broad list of contracts or websites

When you use the Sellers and Publishers 500+, the platform evaluates inventory quality not just at the website or webpage level, but all the way down to the ad placement level. This means that you can reach your audience on an increased amount of premium inventory that could otherwise be excluded by a less-advanced form of filtering. For example, viewability filters frequently exclude entire websites that fall below your desired average viewability threshold.

By leveraging the Sellers and Publishers 500+, you can cherry pick impressions from such websites, so long as those impressions meet or exceed your threshold, allowing for a more scale.

Graphic displaying placement-level filtering

Additional quality controls

The Sellers and Publishers 500+ factors in the following signals for quality assurance:

  • Placement-level viewability: finds the most viewable ad spots on a webpage
  • Ad refresh rate: avoids pages that refresh ads too quickly
  • Ad load: prioritizes pages with lower ad loads
  • Direct sellers: only buys impressions from verified sellers

Note: Media buyers maintain full visibility and reporting capabilities when buying through the Sellers and Publishers 500+

Graphic displaying avoid and prioritize for advertisements

Summary of benefits

Media buyers have long struggled to scale large budgets against narrowly defined audience segments while also maintaining quality. Choosing between PMP deals and navigating the open market, each come with their own set of pros and cons. But now, the Sellers and Publishers 500+ is making balancing scale and curation easier and more efficient. By raising the bar on quality and introducing innovation into how the platform vets and curates inventory, you will be able to navigate the advertising landscape more effectively, accessing some of the most premium inventory and placements with just a click of a button. Learn more about the sellers and Publishers 500+ in this short Trade Desk Edge Academy lesson.

Learn more about the sellers and Publishers 500+ in this short Trade Desk Edge Academy lesson.