Graphic of megaphone with illustrated legs walking from a calendar for 2022, towards a calendar for 2023

A look back on what we built in 2022 to help you spend smarter in 2023

Addressability, flexibility, and measurability. Marketers across the globe concentrated on these themes in 2022, a year of economic uncertainty and looming data deprecation that forced many to be more deliberate in their spend allocation. Called upon to do more with less, savvy, forward-looking brands took this challenge as an opportunity to get ahead of the ever-changing needs of their consumers, and continued to promote meaningful messages about their products and services in the form of digital advertising.

Many prioritized more efficient ad-buying modalities, like programmatic advertising, which leverages data to focus spend on high-value addressable audiences. It also can provide more flexibility, allowing you the option to adjust your campaigns and optimize in real time to accommodate changing needs, while offering tools to measure the KPIs that matter most. In a time when every dollar matters, programmatic advertising can really help you prove the value of marketing investments.

At The Trade Desk, our customers’ needs drive everything we do, and in 2022, we wanted to support them through the economic uncertainty with tools that could help their brands spend smarter — in 2023 and beyond. So here are some of the features and capabilities we launched:

Leverage these features today to help you to start spending smarter in 2023. Have questions or need more information? Check out the Knowledge Portal or reach out to your account manager at The Trade Desk.

*The Trade Desk platform data, 2022.