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How OMD Germany increased operational efficiencies to dedicate more time to clients

See how OMD Germany tapped into The Trade Desk’s partner integration to deliver a better ad experience for its clients.

Integrations with creative ad servers can lead to better efficiencies, better client relationships, and a better experience for consumers - all thanks to automation. For OMD Germany, one specific integration via The Trade Desk’s platform has been a game changer, as Managing Partner of Activation Digital, Markus Kerken, explains in a conversation with us.

Markus, tell us about something that is not working for you and your clients?

“Picture this. It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re watching the big game on TV. During the breaks, you see an ad for a new SUV. Followed by one for a new hatchback. Then a beer. Another beer. Another car. And so on. Now, if I was to ask you later which one you remember – you may well struggle to recall any of the featured brands.

The problem is, as many agencies follow a similar distribution plan and creative strategy, there’s often not a clear enough point of difference for our consumer experience. What’s more, as there can be a disconnect between the distribution channels, we as marketers overload (and likely annoy) consumers with repetitive or irrelevant ads, wherever they’re watching, reading, or listening. Which all can lead to a pretty poor brand interaction.

So, how is this happening? Well, one reason is that agency teams like ours are often tied up in time-consuming, highly manual tasks. Like, uploading hundreds if not thousands of creative variants and tags for each brand campaign. This saps efficiency and takes time that would be better spent consulting with clients to understand and solve what really matters to them. The Trade Desk’s integration with Flashtalking’s ad studio helped us address exactly this – and much more.”

So – what exactly is The Trade Desk’s impact and role on creative execution?

“Put simply, it’s the tech that enables media agencies to automate the creative setup. It means we can generate thousands of ad variations (which our teams would otherwise have to manually upload onto The Trade Desk’s platform) in a matter of minutes.”

What are the benefits of this integration with The Trade Desk?

”It literally takes a few clicks to set up creatives in Flashtalking’s ad server and push them into The Trade Desk’s platform ready for campaign launch. In fact, we estimate that – across just four operational teams – we will save one month per year of working time, on average. It’s time we can then dedicate to optimising campaign performance and generating valuable insights for our clients and brands. This is efficiency on steroids!”

Busy teams often encounter human error, especially when setting up multiple creatives. How has this solution helped you?

“This automated approach has increased quality assurance and human errors have significantly reduced. It has led to an increase in the quality of planning and distribution. And, of course, with automation, the reporting is far more accurate, highlighting areas for greater optimisations and cost efficiencies we may miss or overlook with a manual approach.”

What other crucial aspects of your creative operations have changed as a result of this new workflow?

“We have managed to cut costs on creative production – in fact, this integration improved our clients’ media ROI through dynamic creative optimisation. And in tandem, enables us to focus more on client consultancy. We now have more time to dedicate to nurturing, educating, and developing our own talent, which in turn enables us to strengthen our relationships with new and existing clients. We can use the time saved to work closer with them, to gain better visibility into their wider objectives and be more collaborative and creative in how we respond to and solve their challenges as a collective.”

Would you like to add anything else before we close this interview out?

“For us, this integration is a game changer for our clients’ audiences, too. As an agency, we are always looking for innovative ways to harness the power of automation and give audiences a much better, more human advertising experience. And we can then use the learnings from each campaign to continually refine and improve our campaigns. For the end consumer, this more timely, more relevant, and more personalised experience will ultimately foster an increased appreciation and sense of loyalty to a brand.”

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