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Jump-start your business with The Trade Desk’s APIs

Working with an open platform has many advantages, including the ability to seamlessly integrate with industry partners and develop customized solutions. The Trade Desk’s team of dedicated engineers, in collaboration with the platform’s customers, has been building bespoke solutions both large and small: to save marketers time on repetitive tasks, put first-party data to work, improve operational efficiency, and build net-new businesses on top of The Trade Desk’s technology.

Here’s how three companies in different industries and parts of the world successfully integrated with The Trade Desk’s APIs to solve their unique business challenges. Read on to see how Sam’s Club, Mediahub, and The Lottery Corporation Australia challenged the legacy programmatic model.

Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) – United States

Across the industry, there is a surge in retail marketers using their first-party data — including past purchase behavior and intent — to build their own competitive advantage. Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart Inc. and a leading membership warehouse club, knows its members want a personalized shopping experience. And they know their suppliers want to reach Sam’s Club members efficiently and effectively.

Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP), the retailer’s advertising business, partnered with The Trade Desk to help power real-time retargeting campaigns. Working with The Trade Desk, MAP integrated the product catalog feed that includes all SKUs, whether they are sold on or in-club. This new integration allows MAP to leverage The Trade Desk to marry online browsing behavior with member purchase data, including in-club and online conversions.

As a result, MAP can deliver real-time intelligent retargeting by showing ads to members who have expressed interest in a specific product while they are still in-market and then suppress the ads once the member makes a related purchase, resulting in smarter, more effective, and more personalized campaigns.

Recent tests that Sam’s Club MAP performed in certain categories showed that off-site retargeting with The Trade Desk is approaching 1.5x incremental ROAS compared to historical audience extension lines.

Read more about the integration on Sam’s Club’s blog.

“In the first few months of testing, our integrated solution with The Trade Desk delivered off-site media results that consistently matched the same performance of tactics.”

Austin Leonard
Head of Sales, Sam’s Club MAP

Mediahub – U.K.

Eye-tracking data is becoming an increasingly important data point for advertisers. As brands are competing for consumer attention, it’s clear to some that for viewability standards, 50 percent of the pixels visible in the browser for a continuous second is not enough to determine if an ad will be seen by a consumer.

Mediahub, a global media buying and planning agency in the IPG Mediabrands advertising group, saw a unique opportunity to develop a solution that prices impressions informed by generalized eye-tracking data. Their attention optimization algorithm, ARC (or ARC-optimizer), compiled attention data from Lumen, a company specializing in eye-tracking and attention metrics. Mediahub and Matterkind, IPG’s activation intelligence arm, looked to The Trade Desk to develop and apply their custom algorithm that would ingest the eye-tracking data and variably price impressions in real time, so advertisers pay exactly the right price on ad space more likely to capture the consumer’s attention.

By focusing on higher-quality impressions from an attention point of view, ARC-optimizer has proven to deliver a 75 percent lower cost per point brand lift versus viewability alone. The company didn’t serve ads if they were unlikely to be seen, so there were fewer ads served overall, offering environmental benefits too. The company saw, on average, a 10 percent to 15 percent decrease in carbon footprint — that’s equal to removing 6.8 million passenger vehicles from the roads each year.

“We have challenged the legacy programmatic model by building custom bidding machine learning algorithms against eye-gaze attention. The Trade Desk’s team supported us with deep platform specialism, agility, speed, and collaboration, making it faster and better. With this solution in-market, we are able to drive more value for our clients and, since we’re serving fewer ads overall that drive disproportionate impact, reduce our carbon footprint.”

Erfan Djazmi
Chief Digital Officer, EMEA, Mediahub

The Lottery Corporation – Australia

The Lottery Corporation, the home of Australia’s official lotteries, faced the challenge of automating the allocation of video creatives based on the jackpot draw amount for each Australian state.  It was a task that demanded 100 percent accuracy.

They were looking to replace a manual process with an automated solution that could be relied on to deliver the right creative in the right state. The Trade Desk and The Lottery Corporation collaborated to design a bespoke API solution that improved efficiencies and accuracy amid the frequent changes in lottery draws throughout the week.

The primary components of this solution are: 

  • Creation of over 70 unique creative IDs incorporating custom logic for different draws and jackpot amounts. 
  • Development of a monitoring mechanism that refreshed the creative content on an hourly basis, guaranteeing that the accurate video creative was consistently displayed for each draw. 
  • Implementation of automated email notifications, providing timely notifications to The Lottery Corporation on any changes. These notifications facilitated creative reviews before campaign launch and alerted them in case of any issues with selecting the correct video creatives.

“By leveraging The Trade Desk’s platform and technology, we’ve made massive efficiencies in assigning video creatives based on the jackpot draw amount, ensuring a high level of accuracy in the dynamic delivery of our advertising campaigns. This automated solution easily saves our teams hours every week in campaign operations and shows us the possibilities for customization for our future campaign.”

Daniel Diaz
Advertising Operations Manager, The Lottery Corporation