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Demand Side Platform

Stand out across every channel and device

Reach audiences everywhere with the world's leading independent demand side platform.


Supercharge your digital campaigns

With our demand side platform, you can use data to reach more people and drive a smarter strategy before you spend any budget. Plus, get total transparency into performance, so you can optimize toward the goals that are most important to your business.


Advertise across every channel and device

Reach audiences across their entire digital journey.

Our Partners

Access a marketplace of 225+ partners

Maximize your impact with our premium selection of data, inventory, and brand safety providers.

Client Success

See how brands are leveraging our demand side platform

  • Omnichannel DSP Article

    Case study

    Learn how a fast food restaurant brought customers to the table with an omnichannel strategy.

  • Media Donuts DSP Article

    Case study

    Find out how a mobile carrier doubled its ratio of high-quality leads using Koa Retargeting.


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