Three tips to help you get the most operational efficiency from the Solimar platform

We have been hard at work creating tools that help programmatic marketers quickly and effectively troubleshoot campaigns, surface blockers, and provide easy “one-click” solutions. In this article, learn three tips for Solimar — the platform 87% of programmatic marketers found to be more efficient for troubleshooting.

We know that programmatic marketers are busy people. You might be managing dozens of campaigns and hundreds of ad groups simultaneously. There aren’t enough hours in the day to check on every single one of them, troubleshoot blockers, and have time to set up new campaigns or uncover insights. You need a platform that makes troubleshooting easier and helps you understand where to focus your attention to deliver the best campaign performance — so you can spend less time on menial tasks and more time on strategic endeavors.

With Solimar, we’ve been hard at work creating easy tools that help to improve your efficiency. Now you can quickly and effectively troubleshoot campaigns, surface blockers, and utilize easy, one-click campaign management tools. We’ve seen an encouraging response from programmatic marketers across the globe: In a recent platform survey, 87 percent of programmatic marketers found Solimar to be more efficient for troubleshooting. We expect this number to increase, and are excited Solimar is doing what it was designed to do.

Here are a few Solimar tools and workflows that are focused on operational efficiency.

Find the campaigns that need your attention

To see what’s happening across your campaigns and identify campaigns that might be at risk, simply go to the campaign performance section on the homepage.

The chart shows performance across your campaigns. Green circles in the top-right quadrant represent campaigns where performance and pacing are on track. Red circles in the bottom-left quadrant indicate the campaigns where KPIs and pacing are at risk. The chart is fully interactive. Simply click on the left-hand quadrants to filter only campaigns that need your attention.

Discover spend blockers

In the past, when your campaign was not pacing to spend in full, it was often a scavenger hunt to figure out what was preventing your ad groups from spending. We changed that.

Now when the platform detects a spending issue, it eliminates the guesswork by surfacing spend blockers in the Pacing Tile of the Campaign Details page. These alerts can help you easily discover where and how campaign spend is blocked and what to do to get your campaign back on track.

Learn how to win more of the right impressions

At the ad-group level, we recently introduced new visualizations that can help you discover ways to unlock spend and win more impressions. The ad-group health chart uses excluded bids with the goal of identifying reasons your ad group may be underspending. It can show the high-level reasons for the exclusions plus steps to avoid further exclusion, and it can estimate potential spend. Use this chart to help understand what changes you can make to your ad group’s settings to optimize your win rate.

Troubleshooting across the platform

At The Trade Desk, we are focused on providing tools to help you streamline your workflow and make better, more data-driven decisions. This article is meant to offer just a few suggestions that should improve your efficiency and allow you to focus on what you do best: uncover insights and discover new opportunities to drive performance and growth.

If you have any more questions about Solimar or need to troubleshoot in our platform, please reach out to your account manager at The Trade Desk.