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Take campaign measurement up a notch in 3 steps

Modern marketers are responsible for connecting their digital media investments to business outcomes. So far, they’ve had to rely on proxy metrics like website clicks and views to understand impact, but today’s leading marketers are doing things a little differently — leaning into the measurement metrics that drive better results. 

With Kokai, our platform upgrade, it’s never been easier to turn on better measurement strategies that keep pace with today’s media landscape. In this article, we’ll go deeper into how you can use our new Programmatic Table to help connect your omnichannel campaigns to actual business outcomes — like brand lift, relevant reach, and online and in-store sales. 

1. Activate your ideal measurement strategy more easily.

Our platform includes third-party solutions as well as our own measurement products, providing plenty of choice at every stage of the marketing funnel. The programmatic table makes it easier to navigate all options and hone in on the right solutions for the strongest data-enabled measurement strategies. 

Everything you need to measure your campaign’s outcomes is centralized and actionable from the Measurement Marketplace tile [Mm]. Here, you can see the solutions you have applied to previous campaigns and explore new options too. Our UI helps you make campaign decisions quickly by surfacing the most relevant solutions and filtering partners by regional availability. When you are ready, follow the guided workflows to quickly launch brand lift surveys, set up Inferred Brand Intent studies, or request access to new measurement partners. 

Mm - Measurement Marketplace

The Shopper Marketing tile [Sh] provides a tailored retail data activation experience. This area centralizes retail audiences and measurement in one convenient place. You can discover the most relevant segments from retail data providers and access sales data to help you connect media spend to customer behavior.

Sh - Shopper Marketing

Kokai enhancement: The Measurement Marketplace tile [Mm] is a true one-stop shop for building and managing your measurement strategy. View your options by category, filter by region, and request access to retail and third-party measurement data directly from the interface. 

2. Get answers faster with in-platform reporting and real-time downloads.

We’ve revamped reporting across our platform to deliver performance insights from our most popular reports when you need them. You no longer have to dig around for the right report — the information is now easy to locate and ready to access immediately.

There are two ways to get reporting on demand: 

  • Top-line data is highlighted within the Geography [G], Audiences [Au], and Contextual [X] tiles, among others, so you can gain insights at a glance.   
  • For complete insights, simply click the “Download Report” button, where applicable, and your report will be ready within seconds.
Kokai Tiles - G, Au and X

Downloaded reports typically include two standard lookback windows: seven and 30 days of aggregated data, which is refreshed daily. Formatted as Excel spreadsheets, downloaded reports include more data cuts than are shown in the UI, which enables users to conduct additional analysis. For example, when you download Device Details [Dd], the report includes additional details for mobile, including device family and ad platform for the last 7 days and 30 days. Other downloadable reports, such as those within the Ad Formats [Af] and Creative [Cre] tiles, have extra columns of data, so it’s easier to join them to create new insights.   

Kokai enhancement: It’s now easier to find the performance data you need. Within each tile you can see top-line data, guidance for interpreting it, and the option to download reports instantly. 

3. New metrics to help you get more value from your media.

The revamped platform introduces innovative new metrics that take you beyond basic reach, frequency, and proxy metrics to help you get more value from your media. Our TV Quality Index (TVQI) and Quality Reach Index (QRI) are two solutions for better upper-funnel insights, while our Retail Sales Index (RSI) can help brands measure lower-funnel sales.  

  • Within the Inventory Controls tile [Inv], you can find the TVQI, a new metric that quantifies the performance of Connected TV market types — extremely valuable information for a media channel in which traditional metrics, like clicks, may not be applicable. With these insights, you can adjust quality controls to work toward improving TV performance and shape your budget accordingly.

The Reporting tile [Rp] is the most direct way to access the QRI. QRI helps you understand the relevance of your targeting strategies by comparing how well they match your most valuable customers (or seed audience) to the broader population. Relevance can help you grade your tactics and targeting variables against past converters, giving you ample learnings to apply to future campaigns.  

Rp - Reports
  • The RSI, accessible through the Shopper Marketing tile [Sh], is part of our suite of retail data solutions. This innovative metric aggregates sales data from various retailers, giving you a comprehensive view of revenue and ROAS for the entire campaign. It also provides insights into audience segmentation and conversion points (both online and offline), enabling a deeper understanding of your marketing impact across different media channels and touchpoints. RSI reporting is available as added value on campaigns that leverage audience segments from participating retailers. 

Kokai enhancement: Take advantage of Kokai’s proprietary measurement tools to help answer crucial campaign-related questions, make better planning decisions, and prove the impact of your media investments. 

We know how important it is for you to demonstrate the impact of your digital campaigns on business goals. That’s why we’ve evolved reporting and measurement capabilities in our platform.     

Now you have more opportunities to extract intelligence from campaigns through in-platform insights, instant downloads, and a suite of new metrics. Intuitive navigation surfaces your options in one place and makes activating new partners a breeze. This way, you can feel better equipped to connect your spending to real-world outcomes, optimize campaigns in-flight, and inform future investment strategies. 

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