Niagara water boosts in-store visits and sales with Foursquare Measurement and Oracle Data Cloud

May 3, 20223 minute read

A case study about using two unique offerings to measure true business results for the first time in a programmatic environment.


Measuring the digital marketing success of a CPG brand can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With no storefront or online events of their own, Niagara Water, a national bottled water company, was looking to try new measurement tactics to track the impact of their digital campaigns — something they had struggled with in the past. Their media agency, Evolution Media Group (on behalf of The Woo agency), suggested using two unique offerings — Oracle Data Cloud and Foursquare (previously Factual) — to measure true business results for the first time in a programmatic environment.

Through partnerships with major grocery and pharmacy chains in the U.S., Oracle matches online profiles to offline sales data at the UPC level. That data is then connected to your campaign using our offline measurement solution.

Foursquare Measurement (previously Factual) is built on mobile location data to refine your insights and make advertising decisions based on the most relevant and precise consumer insights available. Foursquare’s location validation stack continually validates mobile location data, taking into consideration inputs like business hours and location history.

The agency team launched a three-month campaign across mobile, PC, and Connected TV (CTV) across two markets (Greater Los Angeles and Greater Houston). Using our extensive demographic and audience data, they were able to implement three targeting strategies at once:

  • Targeting buyers of other brands who do not shop at stores that carry the Niagara product by co-marketing with the retailers who do
  • Targeting known buyers of other brands who made a purchase within the last month
  • Defend and nurture existing customers and expand this demographic by way of the techniques listed above


Having never run a campaign like this before, Niagara Water and Evolution Media used this three-month campaign to determine their budget and efforts for future campaigns. The agency leveraged our platform’s flexibility, creating precise combinations of audience and measurement technology.

They successfully measured an increase in same-store sales by 42 percent, a KPI that Niagara had never been able to track before. Using Foursquare’s deterministic data set, the agency was able to conclude that the campaign drove over 267,000 store visits with a CPA of $0.49. Using Oracle Data Cloud, they tracked over 80,000 purchases of Niagara pack cases with a CPA of $1.65 — over 23,000 of those purchasers previously bought from other brands.


After seeing such successful results, Niagara Water decided to expand their advertising efforts geographically, moving beyond the two markets that were tested to start targeting nationwide. Additionally, they are seeking to double their advertising budget.