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7 reasons to reconsider where you run your performance advertising

Discover how you can improve every aspect of your omnichannel campaign, including display advertising, when you do it all in one platform. Experience better reach, performance indicators, and much more with programmatic advertising on The Trade Desk. Read on for 7 reasons to reconsider where you run your performance advertising.

With innovation as a constant in the world of programmatic advertising, it’s easy to overlook the lynchpin of digital advertising: display. It includes all banners running on desktop, mobile, in-app, and tablet, and while display advertising has long been table stakes for demand-side platforms (DSPs), not all platforms are equal when it comes to execution.

By running all your channels in a single platform, you can:

1. Reach your customers the right number of times

It’s hard to be thoughtful and strategic about reaching your customers when multiple platforms are competing for their attention. What’s more, the best frequency calibration typically happens when you’re working across campaigns and not within channels. Through consolidation, you can evaluate your ideal frequency holistically and reinvest budget to reach net-new customers, driving increased impact and efficiency from your campaigns.

2. Connect your message across all consumer devices

With cross-device technology, you can aim to reach the right person on the optimal device across their buying journey. Whether you need to influence an entire household or a specific individual, we can help you manage every aspect of campaign management at a granular level in our platform.

3. Consolidate and de-duplicate reports

With multiple platforms, reports are scattered and vary in format. This means you often spend more time trying to piece these reports together than garnering insights. Though market mix modeling platforms can be great for long-term analysis, a single DSP — like ours — can help you quickly make sense of your data and easily leverage your insights.

4. Gain a true understanding of the customer journey

To build on our point about good reporting, there is often a bigger story to tell around the journey that leads to real business outcomes. Through access to our path to conversion reporting and log-level data, you can get a deeper understanding of the touchpoints that are working along the customer journey.

5. Streamline attribution

You can reduce your reliance on a multi-touch attribution partner by getting a consolidated view of attribution on our platform. Consolidated, real-time attribution can help you maximize your campaign’s ability to drive that immediate, measurable business impact. Be wary of last-touch and last-click attribution games. We’ve generally found that click metrics are not always a predictor for real business outcomes.

6. Focus on real KPIs

Generally, clicks are neither good goals nor (sorry to say) good proxies. Our dedicated account managers are focused on driving real business value for our customers. That’s why we offer one-on-one consultation with our customers about how we drive and measure what matters the most.

7. Use AI across channels

Retargeting is often thought of as a basic strategy — you simply need to reach everyone who’s previously visited your site. But realistically, not all users represent equal value. With our artificial intelligence, Koa™, you can find your most valuable customers from within your retargeting pool and push them down the funnel. Gone are the days of having to retarget specific platforms.

You might think that leveraging an all-in-one platform is a risky move, since the industry has historically looked at numerous line items and multiple platforms as indicative of a “stronger” media plan. But when you choose to run your cross-channel campaigns on a single platform, you also open the door to improved efficiency, reach, and budget savings — not to mention the opportunity to learn about your consumers and find more ways to connect with them where and when it matters the most.

If you’re interested in testing your omnichannel campaign on The Trade Desk, reach out to your account manager today.

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