Magnum Remix ice cream case study results

Unilever enjoys a taste of success with its outdoor ice cream campaigns in Singapore

March 27, 20243 minute read

Unilever boosted brand awareness with digital out of home advertising, resulting in 1.8 times more footfall traffic for Magnum Remix ice cream. Our case study explores how DOOH advertising can be effective and cost-efficient for brands.

"Using The Trade Desk and Adsquare, we now have a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of running programmatic digital out-of-home and optimising campaigns midflight, as well as insights such as the best times and locations for DOOH advertising to generate awareness and consideration of our Magnum Remix products across Singapore."

Ellen Yap

Country Lead, Singapore Ice Cream Business, Unilever Singapore


Unilever was looking to raise awareness of its Magnum Remix ice cream products in Singapore. With customers returning to physical stores after the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumer-goods giant realised it had an opportunity to extend its reach beyond its previous display and video campaigns. It identified outdoor advertising as a good way to achieve this and drive impulse buying.

But Unilever also wanted to better understand the effectiveness of outdoor advertising further down the sales funnel, starting with improved brand consideration. Unilever and its agency, Mindshare, knew this required a programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign.

Programmatic DOOH enables advertisers to scale and optimise outdoor campaigns by automating the buying, delivery, and measurement of ads. Digital screens at shopping centres, transport hubs, and other public areas can help capture the attention of consumers who are out and about. Being digital, DOOH creative can be much more engaging than static outdoor ads – and it can be easily integrated into omnichannel campaigns.

As our longtime clients, Unilever and Mindshare turned again to our demand-side platform for their programmatic omnichannel needs.


Unilever’s strategy to boost brand awareness and consideration included two key campaigns that used Clear Channel’s Arcade and Spree digital screens located in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Offline performance measurement was a key goal, so the campaign team activated Adsquare's location intelligence on our platform. This enabled Unilever to track footfall attribution, measuring the number of shoppers who were exposed to DOOH ads and who then visited nearby supermarkets and convenience stores.

We also helped monitor the campaigns closely, propose strategies, and optimise performance. In particular, we worked with Adsquare to help optimise results midway through the campaign. This involved using footfall analysis to identify and increase the use of screens that proved effective at driving store visits while deprioritising the less effective locations.


Using these strategies on our platform, Unilever was able to measure the success of the campaigns. Key metrics included the number of audience impressions achieved by the ads, the CPMs, and footfall conversions (aka the number of consumers who visited stores after exposure to the DOOH ads).

Unilever and Mindshare were impressed by the results of the two key campaigns in improving awareness and consideration of the Magnum Remix brand. The Spree and Arcade campaigns generated a total of 4.15 million impressions and 8.39 million footfall conversions in less than a month.

The midcampaign optimisations further boosted the results, increasing footfall conversions by up to 1.8 times. The two campaigns also became more cost-effective, reducing the CPM by 1% to USD $5.46 or less.

Furthermore, Unilever gained some important insights into consumer behaviours. For example, footfall analysis found that most conversions occurred after office hours and in the evenings.

Insights like these can help Unilever and Mindshare plan and improve the performance of their future DOOH campaigns in Singapore. And with better campaigns can come increased brand awareness, consideration, and ultimately, sales of Magnum Remix and other products across the city.

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