The Warehouse Group + The Trade Desk case study results

The Warehouse Group discovers the joys of omnichannel for their mega toy sale

April 17, 20244 minute read

One of New Zealand’s largest retailers, The Warehouse Group, wanted to gain more insights into their advertising campaigns and local consumers. Partnering with us, they launched a data-driven omnichannel strategy on The Trade Desk, tracking greater impact and results across the funnel – 1.4M in unique reach, 157% ROAS, and 50.25X increase in conversion. Learn more about their case study here.

"The campaign’s performance was impressive, which provided a comprehensive perspective on the role and influence of various channels in the path to conversion. Additionally, the insights into store footfall conversion metrics, including path to conversion and time to convert, have helped us optimise our strategies for various channels. We are very keen to leverage more of this data to drive even better results in the future.”

Tithi Ray

Digital Marketing Specialist, The Warehouse Group


The Warehouse Group (TWG) might be New Zealand’s largest general merchandise retailer, but they are always looking for ways to innovate and improve their marketing efforts. Keen to continue innovating after a successful customer-first transformation, the team at TWG wanted to gain more insights into their advertising campaigns and New Zealand consumers in general. They were particularly looking to have a consolidated performance view of their multichannel campaigns, including broadcast video on demand (BVOD), audio, display, and native.

For its mega toy sale, TWG decided to work with us and its agency, OMG New Zealand, to track how their once-siloed channels work together for greater impact across the funnel.


With The Trade Desk’s omnichannel platform, the campaign team was able to set up a consistent conversion event across multiple channels with ease, gaining a holistic view of the campaign with unified measurement and attribution. Ads were delivered across BVOD, audio streaming, display, and native advertising channels in New Zealand.

The team activated several reporting tools on our platform to quantify the benefits of the omnichannel campaign and, importantly, the impact on sales. These tools included:

  • Path-to-conversion reporting for comprehensive insights into customer journeys;

  • Metrics on revenue lift and ROAS, TWG’s main KPI;

  • Search and social reporting to measure the omnichannel campaign’s impact on conversion rates through these channels; and

  • Footfall tracking to measure impact of digital ads on driving in-store visits.

The team also leveraged first- and third-party data to optimise performance, particularly across display and native channels. They took advantage of our platform’s myriad tools, including:

  • Koa for AI-optimised targeting of TWG’s key audience, parents;

  • Audience Predictor to help reach new consumers who were likely to buy toys;

  • Identity Alliance to hone cross-device retargeting and help boost conversions; and

  • Ad frequency controls to optimise ad spend and help reduce ad wastage.


  • 157% ROAS based on toys purchased and 548% ROAS based on all website purchases;
  • Reach of more than 1.4 million unique users. Frequency controls helped improve returns by saving 10% of the ad budget for reinvesting in net-new reach, resulting in a 17% increase in consumers reached;
  • First-party, data-driven targeting across display and native channels posted the best results, with ROAS of 1,229% and 980%, respectively; and
  • a 24% lift in website revenue and a 73% increase in site traffic to the toy category page
Bar chart showing the results of The Warehouse + The Trade Desks's data-driven omnichannel strategy

The conversion time of consumers exposed to ads across more than one channel decreased by 72% on average – evidence of the omnichannel campaign’s impact.

The campaign also dramatically boosted conversions on social and search channels. It was found that users were more likely to land on TWG’s website when exposed to an ad served via our platform than those who were not.

  • 0.08% conversion rate for social media only versus 4.1% in conversion rate when served an ad through both our platform and social media

  • 0.41% conversion rate for search only versus 6.05% in conversion rate when served an ad through both our platform and search

Bar chart showing the conversion rate by media exposure

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