The Trade Desk | Havas Media Australia - Case Study Results

Incrementality verified: BVOD campaign delivered results for tourism organisation with programmatic targeting and measurement


To encourage local tourism among Aussies while COVID-19 impacted international travel, a tourism organisation turned to their agency, Havas Media Australia, to help them reach the highest share of voice in the tourism category in the country.

Knowing that people are spending more time watching video content online and on demand, the tourism organisation decided to run the new campaign on the booming channel of broadcast video on demand (BVOD), leveraging The Trade Desk’s leading BVOD ad-buying platform. Not only does The Trade Desk’s platform provide a comprehensive solution – from planning through to measurement – but it also partners with the most popular publishers in Australia to help advertisers reach even more people who are no longer consuming content on linear TV.


To complement their linear TV buys at scale and evaluate the BVOD opportunity in real time, the tourism organisation utilised The Trade Desk’s TV planning and forecasting tool integrated directly with Samba TV – a global leader in TV audience technology. Samba TV captures first-party viewership data from smart TVs to provide cross-screen insights and analytics. It also provides unexposed audience segments to help advertisers identify households that have not been served a linear TV ad. With Samba TV's viewership data, the tourism organisation was able to bridge the gap between linear TV and digital by positively targeting unexposed viewers of their linear TV campaign on digital video platforms. The solution enabled the tourism organisation to better plan their TV strategy and achieve incremental reach in their BVOD campaigns, complementing their linear TV campaigns.


Since BVOD was a brand-new channel for the tourism organisation, it was crucial to accurately track and measure the incremental reach of this campaign. To demonstrate the unique audience reached, Havas harnessed the partnership between The Trade Desk and Beatgrid – a measurement platform that monitors crossmedia audiences at scale. Beatgrid’s audio content recognition (ACR) technology measures reach and incrementality, and then normalises the results using national statistics data to ensure a representative data set. With this solution, Havas was able to prove that the BVOD campaigns were reaching audiences that hadn’t yet been exposed to their ads via linear TV.


Thanks to the Havas team’s thoughtful campaign planning and execution and The Trade Desk’s advanced BVOD solutions, the campaign achieved significant results.

  • 3.84 million unique households reached with BVOD ads, measured via The Trade Desk’s household graph
  • 3.87 million unique people reached with BVOD ads, equating to 15 per cent of the Australian population
  • 9.31 per cent incremental reach with BVOD
  • 304,000 people reached exclusively with BVOD
  • $0.05 cost per completed view (CPCV)

The tourism organisation was most impressed with the incremental reach contributed by BVOD, as this represented a whole new audience of 304,000 people previously unreachable via linear TV. They also found that BVOD frequency (3.57x) was almost four times more efficient than linear TV (12.62x). The more efficient frequency not only helped reduce waste, but also avoided ad fatigue. Lastly, they were thrilled to see the campaign achieve a record low CPCV of only $0.05, which can be used to guide their KPIs for future campaigns.

“Working with The Trade Desk was seamless from day one. Their granular targeting capabilities and wealth of partnerships matched the objective of our client’s brief perfectly. By tapping in to The Trade Desk’s comprehensive BVOD offering, we were able to use this channel as an extension of linear TV and easily align to our client’s brand growth goals. This helped drive incremental reach, which met the client’s business objective of addressing a larger national audience.

From strategising to helping us meet the campaign’s KPIs, assisting with implementation and optimisation to connecting us with data and brand lift study partners to measure our success, The Trade Desk team has been integral to this campaign every step of the way. We especially want to highlight how proactive and responsive the team has been, making The Trade Desk a reliable and valuable partner that we thoroughly enjoyed working with.”

Drew Groves
Group Business Director
Havas Media Australia