A pair of hands hold a bright yellow measuring tape in front of three large blue kiosks

Target specific audiences with digital out-of-home

Part 2: Finding your target audience at scale with digital out-of-home

While thousands of consumers pass busy digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens at any given point in time, many assume that targeting specific audiences is not possible in the one-to-many DOOH environment.

But going digital with your out-of-home (OOH) buys and activating through our platform offers you a significant benefit: the ability to target specific audiences. Here’s how it works:

Chart explaining how Digital out-of-home allows you to target specific audiences

Control DOOH ad delivery to the most relevant screens

Our platform uses Audience Reach Percentage (ARP) to optimise DOOH spend towards the most relevant screens for a given audience. In addition to identifying the most relevant screens on a geographic basis for your selected audience segment, our platform models the data to score the relevance of every DOOH screen in relation to your audience requirements – as this audience density fluctuates over time.

  1. Each DOOH screen is assigned an ARP score for every hour of the day, calculated by dividing the number of target devices around the screen by the total number of devices we see around a DOOH screen.
  2. Our platform then uses the ARP score to optimise spend towards the best-performing screens, split into percentages across tiered groups.
  3. Our AutoAllocator is used to optimise spend towards the best-performing screens based on the continuous ARP model that we run.

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