Success in Short: Unified ID 2.0 helps Target Australia grow its business

Watch the case study video to see how Target Australia used UID2 to unlock the value of its first-party data and future-proof its campaigns.

Leveraging UID2 allows us to stop an over-reliance on third-party data and focus on utilizing Targets first-party data, which sets us up to better future-proof moving forward.

Kate Long

Activation Director, OMD Australia


Target Australia was looking to grow their business but during such difficult economic times, they needed to find an innovative way of reaching new audiences with cost efficiency.


Target Australia turned to their agency OMD and us, The Trade Desk, to create a solution. This came in the form of first-party data and Unified ID 2.0 (UID2). OMD worked with us to onboard Target's first-party CRM audiences into our demand-side platform and use them to create lookalike audiences for likely shoppers. Layering on Audience Predictor helped to expand these lookalike audiences further to reach a more qualified target group. Leveraging UID2 for this campaign reduced the reliance on third-party data to help future-proof Target for a cookie-less future.


The results speak for themselves with the campaign driving a 66% higher conversion rate at a 36% reduction in cost-per-action than third-party audience targeting. OMD and Target plan to further the success seen in this campaign by continuing to leverage first-party audience and UID2 during this time of cookie deprecation.

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