Sinyi Realty brings multichannel data-driven strategy to life using one-stop programmatic shop

March 20, 20235 minute read
Couple with a real estate agent, holding a clip board and viewing a house. Underneath are data results from the case study of The Trade Desk and Sinyi Realty.


Founded in 1981, Sinyi Realty is one of the top real estate companies in Taiwan. It provides real estate brokering and agent sale services with nearly 500 branches across the region.

Sinyi Realty wanted to reach more property sellers to grow its real estate supply. The company also wanted to better understand sellers’ behaviors.

The real estate company previously focused its media plan on walled gardens, such as social media platforms that rely on user-generated content (UGC). But for its latest campaign, the team wanted to reach audiences on the open internet, beyond those closed platforms.

After carefully evaluating The Trade Desk’s advanced programmatic advertising capabilities, Sinyi Realty launched a multichannel data-driven campaign on the demand-side platform, targeting property sellers in Taiwan.

The real estate giant added Connected TV (CTV) to its media channel mix so that it could capitalize on the high level of smart TV ownership in Taiwan. According to Statista, 80 percent of the nation’s TV owners have a smart TV.1 Working with The Trade Desk to activate the CTV campaign, Sinyi Realty was able to use data to better understand their audience and control how often people see their ads, which is something they could not have achieved with traditional TV advertising.


By executing a multichannel strategy on The Trade Desk’s platform, Sinyi Realty was able to maximize audience reach, build brand awareness, tell a more cohesive brand story across multiple touchpoints, and accurately measure campaign performance.

The company accessed The Trade Desk’s premium selection of advertising inventory to buy Connected TV (CTV), video, and display ad placements all in one location. It used the platform’s cross-channel frequency-capping capability to avoid overexposing audiences to the campaign and to get the most out of its marketing spend.

Sinyi Realty executed multiple sophisticated data-driven targeting strategies as part of its campaign using The Trade Desk’s platform. These included onboarding and converting first-party customer relationship management (CRM) data into Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), an internet identity framework designed to replace third-party cookies. UID2 can help advertisers identify and target relevant audiences in a privacy-conscious manner.

The company also used third-party behavioral data to target people interested in topics such as real estate, investing, retirement planning, and luxury. It even collaborated with The Trade Desk to identify and target people who had purchased home decoration products.

To align its brand with the right content, Sinyi Realty leveraged The Trade Desk’s contextual targeting solution. This enabled the company to easily target or block ads running on inventory associated with contextual categories such as “housing-trend estimation,” “real estate tax,” and “real estate guide.”

Sinyi Realty harnessed its valuable first-party data via The Trade Desk’s platform to effectively retarget website visitors, ad clickers, and ad viewers. It also used The Trade Desk’s Inferred Brand Intent (IBI) solution to accurately measure how its ads were impacting users’ immediate browsing behaviors.


Sinyi Realty’s multichannel and data-driven strategy was hugely successful. Not only did the campaign reach 3.7 million unique individuals, but it also significantly boosted engagement, achieved cost-efficiencies, and outperformed benchmarks for several key performance indicators (KPIs).

The campaign generated more than 25 million impressions — 10 times more than the expected KPI — and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was 34 percent lower than the KPI.

Adding CTV to the campaign delivered a 29 percent higher video completion rate (VCR), proving that Sinyi Realty’s audience members are more engaged when they are exposed to its ads across multiple channels. The real estate giant also achieved an 82 percent VCR using UID2 on The Trade Desk — double the VCR performance compared to the UGC platform.

Moreover, Sinyi Realty identified three new audience profiles using the IBI mid-funnel measurement solution: tech and electronics lovers, those interested in religious and ceremonial content, and outdoor and travel enthusiasts. The team at Sinyi Realty were thrilled to discover these useful insights and will include them in the audience targeting strategy for their future campaigns.

Now Sinyi Realty can use these valuable insights to help shape other marketing strategies. For example, they applied a new audience that was discovered from the lookalike strategy — people interested in feng shui — to another campaign and achieved outstanding performance. To maximize the effectiveness of its upcoming campaigns, the company also plans to onboard more first-party data to The Trade Desk.

1. Statista, "Television Ownership Rate in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2021, by Country,"

"Through The Trade Desk’s powerful demand-side platform, Sinyi Realty can more efficiently reach the right audience based on our creative asset content themes and deliver ads alongside premium publishers all in one go, as opposed to negotiating with inventory providers one by one, like we did in the past. They also helped us more effectively consolidate all data in one place for better activation. All of these led to more precise advertising and better campaign performance."

Sherry Liang
Marketing Manager, Sinyi Realty