Reckitt boosts fan base and sales with omnichannel campaign

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Exactly how does one of the world’s leading consumer goods brands consistently stay on top? For its latest campaign, Reckitt and its agency, Publicis Media, worked with us to create a buzz around Durex among open and curious adults – promoting awareness and, of course, sales – through omnichannel marketing.

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Expanding fan base and boosting sales with omnichannel marketing

The rapid rise of multiscreen content has changed how people watch, listen, read, or shop – at home and on the go. And so, to expand its fan base and boost sales of its Durex range, Reckitt wanted to extend its relevant and inspiring messaging across different channels. To do all this, it turned to our proprietary technology.


Using geotargeting and first-party data

To kick off the campaign, Reckitt collaborated with a famous German DJ to create the song “Intersexion”, which was performed at festivals, played on a popular streaming platform, and shared on social media.

To help drive awareness and consideration for the brand, the team developed a geotargeted digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign complemented by online video (OLV) and display activity, which launched across major German cities that host festivals and Pride events.

With the audience now primed, the second phase of the campaign was to drive engagement and sales. For that, Reckitt leveraged our location-based segments and cross-device targeting capabilities. For the OLV activity, the team used behavioural data segments from Reckitt’s first-party data to retarget the “open and curious” audience – driving them to the website. From there, they could buy Durex products via their preferred retailer – which we could track via our pixel, placed on the products’ website.

Finally, we helped Reckitt set up test-and-control groups and regions, to explore the impact that the two DOOH flights had on product sales. The results? Outstanding.

For DOOH flight 2, consideration and purchase intent saw a brand uplift of 27 points and 26 points – among the top 15% of brand lift studies conducted for similar campaigns in the DACH region. Retargeting people exposed to the DOOH ads improved engagement significantly, achieving a 160% higher click-through rate than average. In fact, the DOOH ads had a significant impact on Durex sales, achieving a product sales lift of 3% and total brand sales lift of 4.6%. Finally, Durex sell-out and net revenue increased by 82% and 88%, respectively, compared to the same time during the previous year.

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