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Hennessy distills 6x brand awareness lift with omnichannel strategy

April 30, 20244 minute read

Instead of a siloed media buying approach, Hennessy wanted a more impactful way to reach and resonate with their audiences, marking their milestone partnership with a professional basketball league. Putting a data-driven strategy to work with us, they launched an omnichannel campaign on The Trade Desk – leveling up with a 6x brand awareness lift, 2.7m unique reach and greater audience insights. Learn more in our case study here.

"The Trade Desk makes it possible to run full-funnel campaigns across multiple channels, but to a highly targeted audience in a way that wasn’t possible before. Their platform enabled data-driven sequential journeys across traditional and digital channels, and let us craft richer experiences and storytelling that appears to have resulted in improved effectiveness. We’re keen to use our learnings from this campaign to go even bigger and better next time.”

Gavin Merriman

Head of Consumer Engagement APAC, Moët Hennessy


Celebrate Hennessy's legacy while generating a new generation of fans

With its rich legacy and exceptional blend dating back more than 250 years, Hennessy isn’t just a cognac brand, but a company that embraces different cultures and communities.

In 2021, Hennessy became the first global spirits partner for a well-known professional basketball league, a move that signaled their joint desire to foster camaraderie via entertainment. A year later, to commemorate this milestone partnership, Hennessy rolled out a worldwide marketing campaign. The campaign’s primary objectives were to celebrate Hennessy’s legacy and invite a new generation to experience the ethos “Never stop, never settle.”

Hennessy and its agency, bespoke GroupM firm L’Atelier, had previously run campaigns on multiple channels separately. Recognizing the need to gain a holistic view across all channels and optimize their campaigns through programmatic advertising, Hennessy and L’Atelier turned to us to help deliver an omnichannel campaign in Taiwan.


Omnichannel strategy that targets the right audience on the right channel

Hennessy’s campaign team used our demand-side platform to deliver ads programmatically across digital out-of-home (DOOH), Connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT), video, and display channels. This allowed the brand to tap in to our marketplace of premium advertising inventory.

Our one-stop shop solution helped Hennessy easily consolidate all media buys onto a single platform, giving the team the abilities to harness the potential of data across channels and to access unified reporting on campaign performance.

In addition, the team used our AI, Koa™, to automatically select the best-performing and most relevant inventory based on the campaign’s goals. Hennessy and L’Atelier were impressed with how Koa could discover new audience profiles that they had never noticed before. Ultimately, Koa helped deliver 80% more impressions than Hennessy’s goal.

Hennessy’s campaign team used a combination of sophisticated first- and third-party data strategies to reach its target audience, including people interested in alcohol, food, sport, working out, entertainment media, and nightlife. They also retargeted audiences that had seen Hennessy’s DOOH ads on display channels. Lastly, by using DOOH data to create lookalike audiences with similar traits to exposed consumers, the campaign team sought to reach even more potential customers.

Taiwan Omnichannel Customer Journey

Reaching 2.7 million users with increased engagement across multiple channels

Hennessy’s omnichannel strategy successfully engaged its target audience in Taiwan. The campaign achieved 52 million impressions, reaching 2.7 million unique users and 2 million unique households.

The campaign demonstrated that multichannel exposure drives better performance than single-channel exposure. For example, the click-through rate for consumers exposed to two or more channels was 1.7 times higher than for consumers exposed to one channel. A cross-media study conducted by MetrixLab discovered that awareness was six times higher when consumers were exposed to four channels rather than one. Across all other brand lift metrics — including consideration, brand favorability, and brand association — the campaign resulted in a 23% increase.

Notably, we helped Hennessy uncover three new, highly engaged audience profiles: businesspeople interested in footwear and high-quality outfits, artists, and online gamers. Hennessy plans to use these valuable insights in future campaigns to broaden its consumer base and bolster its market share.

The brand plans to build on this successful omnichannel approach to produce tailormade campaigns for existing and potential customers. It will also explore using new channels as they emerge to ensure the Hennessy brand stays top of mind for consumers and to uncover the ideal channel mix based on different campaign objectives.

Omnichannel drives better user engagement with the creatives compared to single channel

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