The Trade Desk + Fairprice Group - Case Study Results - Unified ID 2.0

FairPrice Group drives results with Unified ID 2.0

May 12, 20234 minute read

As the end of cookies draws near, the largest grocery retailer in Singapore, FairPrice Group, needed a new way to target audiences without compromising privacy. With over 2.3 million loyalty customers, they wanted an innovative way to leverage their first-party data, while improving the performance of their campaigns – and they found it in Unified ID 2.0 on The Trade Desk.


FairPrice Group holds 60 per cent of Singapore’s grocery market share, with more than 570 outlets across its FairPrice, Cheers, and Unity brands. As the country’s largest grocery retailer, the company has access to over 90 per cent of Singapore’s households, including over 2.3 million loyalty customers and more than 1.1 million monthly active app users.

FairPrice faced a twofold challenge. First, they needed to increase sales by extending reach and strengthening conversion rates. Second, with third-party cookies set to be phased out, FairPrice wanted a new, future-proof alternative for audience targeting that would also improve the performance of their campaigns. The group turned to The Trade Desk for help.


Always with an eye on campaign performance and innovation, FairPrice was particularly attracted by the prospect of leveraging their valuable first-party data – including their huge loyalty programme data set – to drive precision targeting and media efficiency.

The Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) solution was a perfect match for their situation. UID2 is an open-source identity framework for advertisers and publishers that also gives consumers far greater control of their data and privacy compared to third-party cookies. Advertisers can create a unique pseudonymous, anonymous UID2 identifier built from hashed and encrypted email addresses, allowing them to maintain current media strategies without the use of cookies. UID2 extends across the fastest-growing channels on the open internet and a variety of devices, including websites, mobile apps, and streaming platforms that are integrated with UID2.

With UID2 identified as a great option, the next step was for The Trade Desk to put together a holistic reach and conversion strategy, to take full advantage of FairPrice’s valuable first-party data.


The Trade Desk team worked with FairPrice to activate UID2 for their Deepavali campaign. The campaign aimed to target past Deepavali​ purchasers as well as to increase awareness and association of FairPrice​ being the grocer of choice for Deepavali goodies in ushering in the​ festival. Additionally, FairPrice looked to boost return on ad spend and ​increase sales while reducing custom cost per action (CPA).​

To achieve these goals, FairPrice onboarded its first-party data onto The Trade Desk. This data was then used for lookalike (LAL) targeting to reach new consumers who share similar qualities with current customers who had made at least one purchase from FairPrice.

To further test the effectiveness of first-party audience onboarding and activation, FairPrice compared two methods that are accessible on The Trade Desk, building different LAL audiences from each of them. The first method was importing the device IDs and mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) through an API. The second method was through the onboarding of customers' hashed email addresses. These hashed email addresses were then securely translated into UID2 identifiers. Using The Trade Desk’s Identity Alliance, these unique identifiers were matched to multiple devices and channels and extended across The Trade Desk’s marketplace of partners, helping to expand audience reach compared to a single cross-device partner.


By directly comparing these two data sets across its Deepavali campaign with equal budgets allocated to each onboarding method, FairPrice was able to determine that the UID2-powered LAL audience performed better than the LAL audience created from device IDs and MAIDs.

Performance highlights include:

  • 33 per cent lower custom CPA at USD$0.04, compared to USD$0.06
  • 23 per cent lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) at USD$1.04, versus USD $1.36
  • Double the scale, reaching 1 million more potential users

As the clear winner, UID2 helped FairPrice extract more value from its first-party data, with The Trade Desk’s proprietary LAL modelling and cross-device capabilities helping unlock incremental performance and scale.

As businesses prepare for the transition to a cookie-free environment, maximising first-party data in media strategies becomes more critical than ever. FairPrice is at the forefront of future-proofing its marketing strategies and testing ID solutions that will allow for cross-channel measurement long after current identifiers are replaced or removed altogether. This will continue to help FairPrice reach more customers across channels and devices in a targeted and privacy-conscious way.

'Unified ID 2.0 on The Trade Desk is a meaningful solution and provides the opportunity for us to reach relevant users. Throughout this experiment, we have been able to see and measure that UID2 can deliver not just twice the incremental reach but also efficiency, with a 33 per cent lower CPA than lookalike first-party data without UID2. This has proven to us that UID2 is a new way to reach our target audiences effectively.'

Nguyen Vo Trung Hieu
Head of Performance Marketing, FairPrice Group