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Elevate your campaigns with digital out-of-home

Part 1: Drive the impact of your omnichannel campaigns with digital out-of-home

As traditional broadcast TV ad prices increase and audience reach diminishes, media buyers are searching for more efficient ways to reach consumers in real-world contexts beyond their desktops, mobile devices, and TV screens. With the return of the office commute and social gatherings, programmatic digital out-of-home – or DOOH – gives you a prime opportunity to create inspiring experiences that engage your audience in the here and now.

Programmatic DOOH offers you a measurable and cost-effective way to reach audiences at scale. It enables you to automate the buying, selling, delivery, and measurement of DOOH ads – reaching your target audiences more efficiently and effectively.

By using machine learning technology and data, programmatic DOOH enables you to bid and purchase ad space automatically, which can greatly enhance your campaign strategies. Digital roadside billboards, screens at transportation hubs, shopping centres, gyms, and other public areas allow you to capture the attentions of prospective consumers while they’re out and about.

If you’re thinking about investing in DOOH, you have four questions to consider:

Chart showing four questions to consider when investing in Digital out-of-home

Integrate DOOH as part of your omnichannel strategy

Our buy-side platform offers access to premium programmatic DOOH inventory across multiple providers at scale. We have integrated with world-renowned DOOH supply partners Place Exchange, Ströer, VIOOH, Dax, Vistar, Hivestack, SSP1, Broadsign, and others to provide coverage for top media owners across EMEA.

As part of a holistic data-driven strategy, our platform seamlessly integrates DOOH media buying, delivering an end-to-end solution for omnichannel DOOH that streamlines workflows, enhances targeting, measurement, and attribution, and works to deliver real business results. Incorporating out-of-home ad plays into an omnichannel strategy is now a reality, and our platform is designed to achieve your optimal strategy with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before.

Read more about audience targeting with DOOH in part two.