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Blue Insurance increases conversions by 146% with omnichannel strategy

June 12, 20244 minute read

A digital life insurance company, Blue Insurance wanted to secure greater brand awareness and credibility among key audiences in Hong Kong. Partnering with us, they launched a data-driven omnichannel strategy on The Trade Desk, making their mark with greater results - 146% increase in conversions, 60% greater sales, and 52% lift in new users. Learn more about their case study here.

"We believe in delivering simple, flexible, and valuable solutions that make life easy for customers, so why wouldn’t we want the same for ourselves? By consolidating our media investment onto The Trade Desk’s platform, we were able to connect with a wider range of potential customers more effectively, enhance our brand awareness among consumers, and increase conversions significantly."

Kevin Tsang

Head of Distribution and Marketing, Blue Insurance


Increasing brand awareness among key audiences in an ever-growing digital insurance landscape

Hong Kong’s insurance industry remained largely unchanged for decades until consumers warmed up to the concept of online insurance and a wave of digital disruptors entered the market. Among the key players, Blue Insurance stood out by specialising in flexible solutions with no commissions or hidden fees.

But to solidify its foothold in this highly saturated market, Blue needed to enhance its brand awareness and credibility among its target audience, as well as increase sales of its insurance products.

Blue’s agency, Assembly, worked with us to come up with a data-led omnichannel campaign that would enable Blue to reach untapped audiences and help boost overall business outcomes.


Driving positive business outcomes with a data-led omnichannel approach

Blue and Assembly designed an omnichannel strategy to deliver a strong and consistent brand message that would aim to increase brand awareness, influence decisioning, build customer loyalty, and boost sales. After consolidating media buys on our platform, Blue tapped into our marketplace of premium inventory across digital out-of-home (DOOH), Connected TV (CTV), video, and display channels. This helped the company not only better connect with a wider range of potential customers across the open internet more easily and efficiently, but also gain more transparency and control over ad campaigns, compared with walled gardens.

Graphic titled "How Blue Insurance reaches their target audience through an omnichannel strategy" depicts various strategy touch points

Leveraging our advanced audience solutions for more effective targeting and data-driven campaign optimisation, Blue was able to reach more unique households, access holistic campaign insights for better decision-making, and optimise the brand experience for consumers by controlling the number of ads they were shown.

  • First-party data: To help reach high-potential audiences that matched Blue’s existing customers, Blue used its first-party data to create a lookalike audience on our platform. Furthermore, by using universal-pixel tracking to accumulate even more first-party data, Blue expanded its target audience, tracked campaign performance, and discovered consumer insights.
  • Retargeting: Blue and Assembly retargeted audiences exposed to the programmatic DOOH ads on other channels to help further drive purchase intent.
  • Household Extension: The team activated our Household Extension tool to reach other audiences that were part of the same household via Wi-Fi network.

Outstanding results exceed all expectations

By executing the campaign across multiple channels in one platform, Blue achieved a 52% increase in new users while lowering the overall cost per acquisition by 19%.

Blue was also impressed with the impact of programmatic advertising on its overall digital strategy and business outcomes. The urchin tracking module analysis showed that running the campaign through our programmatic platform assisted in more than 50% of total conversions and increased sales of Blue’s hero product by more than 60%.

The conversion rate increased by a whopping 730% among audiences exposed to more than one programmatic channel. Additionally, Blue’s overall conversions were boosted by more than 146% compared to the campaign’s pre-launch. These conversions were mainly contributed by the ads on the branding-focused channels, such as DOOH and CTV. The click-through rate for DOOH retargeting, for example, was 367% higher than other retargeting strategies. Retargeting CTV viewers also had a significant impact – conversion time was reduced by 54% and click-through rate was lifted by 228%.

Overall, Blue’s campaign was highly successful in demonstrating how an omnichannel campaign can increase brand awareness, drive consideration, and assist in conversions. This campaign has helped Blue establish a stronger foothold in Hong Kong’s hypercompetitive insurance market. The insights discovered in this campaign will also help Blue better plan for future campaigns.

Bar chart graphic titled "Blue Insurance: Conversion rate by media exposure" shows single platform conversion rate vs TTD influenced conversion rate

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