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4 benefits of an omnichannel campaign strategy

With the fragmentation of the digital and streaming landscapes, data is scattered across multiple platforms. For marketers, this makes targeting unique households and measuring publishers reach more challenging. But with the transformation of TV, more viewers are moving flexibly between linear TV and streaming options, establishing Connected TV (CTV) as a channel that provides extensive reach and brand-building opportunities.

So, how can marketers best seize the opportunities Connected TV offers, without losing the effectiveness of other digital channels? By running campaigns in a single omnichannel platform, like The Trade Desk.

With our platform, you get a single access point to premium TV content as well as multiple channels and formats across the open internet. What's more, you'll gain four clear wins by consolidating your campaigns in one omnichannel platform:

1. Reach more unique households.

Buying campaigns in siloes across several streaming platforms can mean losing control of audience overlap, especially with TV advertising, where you might be running on linear TV as well as various CTV publishers. But with our platform, it’s possible to maximise the reach of unique households, so you can work towards greater savings – which can then be reinvested into reaching net-new audiences instead of the same ones over and over.

2. Fuel your strategy with robust data.

When you’re running campaigns across multiple platforms, it can be hard (or impossible!) to derive holistic campaign insights or use automation to make real-time optimisations based on what is driving the best performance. With a single view of all your channels and strategies in one place, plus the volume of data, you can easily make more informed decisions. For example, imagine an auto advertiser is running an omnichannel campaign across display, digital out-of-home, video, and CTV, driving consumers to a landing page to find out more about the newest car. By running in a single platform, they can look across all channels and shift budget towards the channel and strategy that’s performing best.

3. Avoid ad fatigue and optimise the brand experience.

When a consumer is served the same ads repeatedly, they can form negative associations with your brand. By controlling the number of ads that your consumer is shown across channels and devices, you can help foster a more positive user experience. With universal frequency control on The Trade Desk, you can see the most cost-efficient way to reach your audience, including the cost to reach each unique household on CTV. This approach helps ensure that consumers are engaged with your brand positively.

Additionally, rather than just capping for frequency, you can also control the frequency distribution across every channel to make sure every household sees the ad with the ideal frequency, which can be much more effective than capping alone. Across our platform in the last two months, the average frequency savings for EMEA is about 30 per cent – which translates to more control over your consumers’ brand experience, enabling you to build stronger relationships with your audiences.

4. Activate retail data to reach and measure across a customer’s buying journey.

Retail data is the key to understanding customer lifetime value. It enables you to target, optimise, and measure with purchase data directly from the retailer. With an omnichannel approach, you can leverage retail data across the entire customer journey and all marketing channels to drive household penetration and desired business outcomes.

These are just four benefits to consolidating your omnichannel buy into a single platform like The Trade Desk. By streamlining your media-buying efforts and activating first- and third-party data across your campaign strategy, you can maximise your reach and engagement while also minimising costs, ultimately leading to a more successful and efficient marketing campaign.

To get started, reach out to your account manager at The Trade Desk.