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3 ways to leverage data in pharma campaigns

Navigating today’s complex world of advertising is no easy feat for pharma marketers. As they brace themselves for the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, they must strike a delicate balance between delivering the right message to their target audiences, fostering consumer trust, and adhering to data privacy regulations. Yet there’s also opportunity here to harness innovative techniques — ones that empower data-driven, privacy-sensitive audience building, targeting, and measurement. This article dives into three strategies that could support pharma marketers’ approaches to effective advertising.

1. Integrate with clean rooms, CRMs, and CDPs

In the world of pharma, clean rooms are becoming an important tool for maintaining secure ownership and control of data. But relying on a single partner for data ownership, activation, and measurement can compromise portability and transparency. By partnering with The Trade Desk, you are in control of your data portability. Our platform has integrations with the top global clean rooms and customer data platforms (CDPs) — like Snowflake, Adobe, and Tealium — which allow for interoperability, easy conversion, and execution with Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) wherever you store, segment, and analyze your audiences.

2. Leverage pharma-specific targeting

Within our data marketplace, leading data providers are adopting and including UID2 in their third-party segments to help you lean into more durable identifiers without the reliance of first-party data. Additionally, we aim to ensure that our clients reach optimal audience quality by offering pharma data providers like Swoop, IQVIA, and Veeva Crossix.

Our contextual and behavioral targeting partners, like Dstillery and ShareThis, help you reach consumers at the right moment — when they’re researching or considering health-related decisions. By leveraging real-world data and custom audiences, we bridge the gap between direct-to-consumer (DTC) and health care provider (HCP) campaigns. Our end goal is not only privacy-conscious and more effective media buying, but also a better consumer experience.

With our platform, you get state-of-the-art programmatic media buying tools combined with our unparalleled commitment to keeping you at the center of everything we do.

3. Activate our retail marketplace

Our retail marketplace is rapidly growing into a powerful tool for tactfully reaching your audience at the point of pharmacy. Retail data works effectively in the pharma category for conditions that have leading indicators. You can use retail data to reach audiences using segments based on verified purchase data, and measure outcomes by connecting digital touchpoints to online and in-store sales, all within our self-serve platform. The retail marketplace at The Trade Desk is a durable, privacy-conscious solution with the ability to tie back to new prescriptions.

We understand the challenge of leveraging identity data while keeping privacy in mind. Our platform provides you with UID2, a privacy-conscious way to onboard and activate data. In addition, our integrations with clean rooms, customer relationship managers (CRMs), and CDPs prioritize customer privacy. We also partner with leading pharma and retail data partners to ensure you have the audience and measurement you need to prove audience quality and script lift. With these tools, you can work toward achieving your desired outcomes.

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