Audio advertising

Engage your audience whenever they’re streaming music, news, and podcasts.

What is audio advertising?

Ideal for brands looking to reach a wider audience with their awareness campaigns, audio advertising lets you insert your message programmatically before or during streaming music, news, and podcasts. You may also have the option to show a companion display ad while the audio ad is playing.

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Why advertise on audio?

With programmatic audio ads, you can integrate your brand into your audiences’ everyday routines in a distraction-free environment, creating a uniquely personalized ad experience around their interests.

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The advantages of audio advertising

Advanced targeting

Find the right audience across the open internet by demographic, interest, geolocation, device type, genres, playlists, and more.

Brand safety

Be confident that your ads are only running alongside audio content that aligns with your brand and messaging.

Partner integrations

In addition to accessing inventory from the leading streaming platforms, you can also power your campaigns with their data.

Premium inventory

Tap into premium inventory from streaming music and podcast platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Triton, and AdsWizz.


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