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Your customers are scattered across the open web – browsing websites, streaming music, watching videos. Through The Trade Desk’s media buying platform, you can REACH everyone that matters to your brand, on display, video, audio, OTT, CTV, DOOH and more.

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Reaching consumers beyond paid search and social media

According to research by GWI 1, Asian consumers spend only 30% of their online time on social media – which is an average of 2 hours 18 minutes. The remaining 5 ½ hours per day (or 70% of their online time) is spent on the open web.

Grow your brand by reaching these consumers through omni-channel campaigns, controlling everything from the customer experience to ad frequency and more. The Trade Desk has industry leading data and measurement tools integrated into our platform so you can target precise audiences and understand the true impact of your campaigns. We partner with thousands of premium content providers which ensures your ads run against brand safe, relevant content.

1. BWI Market Snapshot - Asia Pacific 2021

APAC publisher partners

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Why branding matters

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GSK success story

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