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Prepare for a new era in identity with privacy-conscious omnichannel solutions that upgrade the internet for everyone.

The internet is having an identity crisis

But we don’t have to settle for solutions that put more control in the hands of Big Tech. At The Trade Desk, we’ve been preparing for this moment for years, with identity and authentication technologies that help brands, agencies, and publishers reap the benefits of relevant advertising on the open internet.

Activate your first-party data faster

With Galileo, you can easily onboard your CRM data to gain insights into your audience’s behaviors, preferences, and needs and to make smarter media buys.

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A comprehensive approach to identity

Reach your audience in more places, avoid ad overload, and measure the true impact of your ads with our suite of identity solutions.

Identity Alliance

A coalition of the industry’s leading identity graph solutions that seamlessly combines people, households, and devices into a single graph

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2)

An open-source identifier that provides holistic targeting and measurement for a more privacy-conscious post-cookie internet

European Unified ID

A new identity solution specifically developed for the evolving regional regulations of Europe 

UID2 delivers for brands and agencies


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greater unique reach on Disney CTV with UID2


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increase in the ability to measure digital impact


more effective in finding audiences

cook islands tourism corporation

White background with blue text saying "60%"
increase in landing-page conversions

luxury escapes

White background with blue text saying "4.75X"
higher return on ad spend


White background with blue text saying "33%"
reduction in CPA with UID2 audiences vs. cookies

Our UID2 partners

Access a broad marketplace of premier publishers and data providers from across the digital advertising ecosystem.

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