Zespri sees 5% sales lift for kiwifruit with unique retail data solution

June 25, 20243 minute read
Image from Zespri campaign of two kiwis with spoons and the Zespri logo in the top left corner

Zespri aimed to boost demand for its kiwifruit among high-value consumers and measure the impact on in-store sales. To achieve these goals, Zespri partnered with GroupM Nexus and our demand-side platform, leveraging our exclusive retail data partnership with FairPrice Group, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain.

Image with key results - 5% sales uplift with retail data and 30% more effective CPA among key customers vs generic targeting
“The fresh food sector is a dynamic, fast-moving business and to drive demand, we needed a solution that could provide up-to-date retail data. The Trade Desk–FairPrice solution provided that data, which not only opened up new audiences for our recent campaign but also gave us valuable insights for future marketing initiatives.”

Cecelia Low

Media & Digital Manager, APAC, Zespri


Increasing kiwifruit demand by driving awareness and consideration

For fresh-food brands, executing a multichannel ad campaign can be a big challenge. How do you target the right consumers and measure the campaign’s impact on in-store sales? And how do you do this at an accelerated rate to keep up a product life cycle that’s shorter than many other consumer goods? That was the challenge facing Zespri, the world’s largest purveyor of kiwifruit.

Zespri wanted to drive demand for its kiwifruit by reaching more high-value consumers, increasing top-of-mind awareness and consideration, and reinforcing its premium brand status. To help achieve these objectives cost-effectively, the New Zealand-based company turned to our demand-side platform (DSP) to execute a data-driven campaign in Singapore.


Reaching new audiences and driving sales with retail data solution

While reach was a KPI, Zespri wanted to be sure the ads would reach high-quality audiences and drive demand. Targeting was therefore vital to the strategy’s success.

A key part of the strategy therefore was our unique retail data partnership with Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, FairPrice Group – FairPrice’s first-ever partnership with a DSP. The retail data solution the brand used enabled it to extend its reach to a range of highly accurate, high-value FairPrice first-party audiences on the open internet – consumers who have purchased food and groceries mainly in the vegetable and kiwi categories and displayed a high affinity with Zespri values.

For the first time, Zespri was able to measure a campaign’s impact on in-store sales. As customers clicked on Zespri ads and made online or in-store purchases via FairPrice’s website or app, the conversion was recorded on our platform. This campaign helped deliver a 5% sales uplift for kiwifruits versus 3% for other fruits.

Sales conversion data flowed into the platform daily, enabling the team to measure, track, and optimise the campaign’s effectiveness in near real time across different strategies, devices, frequency caps, and audiences. For example, the solution showed that 89% of all conversions were at physical stores, indicating that Singaporeans prefer to buy kiwifruit in person. By comparing the CPA of different segments, the team also learnt that more targeted audiences performed vastly better than more generic segments – CPA was 30% more effective for users who bought kiwis in the past three to six months as compared to users who bought other fruits.

With these actionable insights, Zespri now has a head start for future campaigns in Singapore. Other than gaining a deeper understanding of more effective strategies, the brand has unlocked new, high-quality audiences to extend its reach to likely purchasers of its fresh produce.

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