Yumis Flybuys case study results

Yumi’s unpacks greater results with Flybuys’ retail solution

May 11, 20234 minute read

Yumi’s, a forward-thinking brand, wanted to look beyond proxy metrics to truly understand how their media investment was impacting business outcomes. Learn how the partnership between Flybuys and The Trade Desk, facilitated by PMG Australia, helped Yumi’s understand the connection between their ad spend and both online and offline sales for the first time ever.

Leaning into programmatic advertising to become a premium snack brand

Yumi’s is an Australian consumer packaged goods brand known for healthy snack dips. When promoting their latest product line, the company had bigger aspirations: to successfully transition into the premium snack category. To do this, they turned to their agency, PMG Australia, and The Trade Desk.

As a forward-thinking brand, Yumi’s wanted to look beyond proxy metrics and find a more advanced solution to measure how their media investment was impacting business outcomes.
PMG Australia found an opportunity in a market-first online-and- offline-sales measurement partnership between The Trade Desk and Flybuys — Australia’s most popular loyalty programme, which connects to Australia’s largest retailers, like Coles and Liquorland. This partnership helps marketers measure and optimise real- world sales in-flight by linking online and offline transactions with exposure to ads. Impressed with this innovative solution, Yumi’s and PMG activated it for their campaign.

Reaching audiences on broadcast video on demand with advanced targeting and optimisation

To establish a premium brand image for Yumi’s, PMG suggested running the campaign on the most popular high-end channels: broadcast video on demand (BVOD) and premium short-form video across desktop, tablet, and mobile. With The Trade Desk’s platform, PMG and Yumi’s could easily access premium BVOD inventory all in one place, saving them the hassle of contacting each publisher directly.

The Trade Desk’s platform also allowed them to precisely target key audiences by leveraging Unpacked by Flybuys’ best-in-class audience segments, including competitors, premium snack buyers, and buyers of refrigerated foods.

Improving performance and knowledge of the customer journey

Through the integration with Unpacked by Flybuys, PMG and Yumi’s loaded sales conversion data into The Trade Desk’s platform daily, enabling a near-real-time view of their campaign’s effectiveness across strategies and audiences. PMG then activated KoaTM Predictive Clearing, The Trade Desk’s advanced AI tool, to automatically improve and optimise cost per acquisition (CPA) performance. Koa analysed historical clearing prices and chose the optimal bid for each impression despite changing auction dynamics and rising cost per mille (CPM) – all without sacrificing scale. Throughout the campaign, Predictive Clearing continued to improve CPA performance, ultimately saving 6 per cent of the total budget, which was then reinvested back into the campaign.

Lastly, PMG turned on Inferred Brand Intent (IBI), The Trade Desk’s proprietary mid-funnel measurement tool, to track how their ads impacted audiences’ online browsing behaviours as they related to keywords associated with the Yumi’s brand, competitor set, and category. With IBI, PMG and Yumi’s discovered that 11 per cent of the audience conducted online searches related to the Yumi’s brand, competitor set, and category after they saw the ad, with vegetables being the most searched keyword. Yumi’s gained a more complete picture of their customers with this simple insight, which then enabled them to further drive qualified audiences down the funnel to final conversion.

Connecting ad investment to real-world sales for the first time

The team at Yumi’s was thrilled with the pilot campaign, which for the first time illustrated how they drove online and offline sales. The campaign garnered positive sales uplift against both sets of Yumi’s products, with a sales uplift against control group of 158 per cent (conversion rate of 0.29 per cent exposed versus 0.11 per cent nonexposed) and 147 per cent (conversion rate of 0.27 per cent exposed versus 0.11 per cent nonexposed), respectively.

The Trade Desk - Yumis Flybuys - Case Study Results

This was also the first time Yumi’s was able to measure CPA off the back of their digital campaign. They found that they successfully decreased CPA by an impressive 52 per cent. This data will help inform Yumi’s future CPA benchmarks, ultimately allowing them to optimise campaigns to metrics that display ROI.

Most importantly, Yumi’s achieved their goal of transitioning to a premium snack brand: The company became the second-most popular brand in their category, with a 31 per cent market share – a 3.3 per cent increase during the campaign period.

The Trade Desk - Yumis Flybuys - Case Study Results