Wyeth nurtures healthy brand growth for Illuma across Taiwan with data-driven, cost-effective campaign

A pioneer in nutritional products for expecting women, infants, and young children since 1915, Wyeth needed a smarter way to grow Illuma, its premium infant formula brand, in a challenging market. To improve its reach and brand impact, Wyeth sought to economically bring multiple audience-targeting methods to life by employing an innovative data-driven strategy offered by The Trade Desk.

Advertiser: Wyeth Nutrition | Agency: Zenith (Publicis Media)
Data-driven audience targeting, high-impact video (via Wootag), brand lift study (via LnData)

Wyeth Nutrition Case Study results

Since 1915, Wyeth Nutrition has been a pioneer in nutritional products for pregnant women, infants, and young children. The brand’s premium infant formula offering, Illuma, is known for its high-quality ingredients and advanced nutritional offerings that replicate the benefits of natural breast milk.

Wyeth wanted to grow Illuma’s brand awareness among parents in Taiwan through a cost-efficient marketing campaign. However, given Taiwan’s declining birth rates and the increasingly diverse parenting styles adopted across the island, Wyeth needed to reach a niche audience that prioritizes infant health care and has high purchasing power. This challenge was further compounded by regulations in Taiwan that restrict advertising for infant formula to promote breastfeeding.

Once parents choose an infant formula, switching brands can be challenging due to newborns’ delicate digestive systems. Hence, Wyeth needed to target new and expectant parents. In addition, it also needed to precisely measure the campaign’s success because of limited view-through insights the subpar performances of past campaigns.

At the same time, Wyeth’s agency, Zenith, wanted to consolidate the data, measurement, and creative partners the brand has worked with to help reach its target audience with high-impact video ads.

To nurture brand growth and impact across Taiwan, Wyeth and Zenith came together to collaborate with The Trade Desk — a one-stop programmatic media buying platform for data-driven, cost-efficient campaigns.


Illuma’s product lines cater to specific age ranges to best suit infants’ development. To effectively target parents of infants at each developmental stage, Wyeth worked closely with The Trade Desk to compile multiple data signals from consumers’ internet browsing behaviors, such as keywords, ad-supported websites, and sponsored articles specific to each respective developmental stage.

Using these keywords and inventory lists, The Trade Desk’s team promptly created custom audience segments and forecasted the size of each audience. The team further segmented Iluma’s audience by identifying consumers who had visited ad-supported websites or viewed content with the identified keywords at least thrice within three days prior to the initial segmentation.

To grow their reach among those who matter most, Wyeth and Zenith leveraged four other audience-targeting strategies in the campaign:

  • Third-party behavioral targeting
  • Location-based targeting
  • Custom contextual targeting
  • Custom invoice data targeting

Making use of these strategies helped Wyeth to maximize campaign reach while minimizing costs, engage potential customers in real time, and gain valuable insights into the most engaging forms of content. Zenith also worked closely with Wootag, an interactive video platform, to create impactful and engaging creative video experiences that best resonated with Illuma’s target audience based on these strategies.

The Trade Desk’s demand-side platform enabled Wyeth and Zenith to seamlessly execute each audience-targeting strategy and reach hard-to-find consumers across multiple devices. Koa™, The Trade Desk’s artificial intelligence engine, enabled the team to optimize ad frequency and ad spend with ease.

In addition to determining Illuma’s cost-based metrics, Wyeth and Zenith also conducted a brand lift study in partnership with LnData to measure the campaign’s effectiveness in boosting awareness of the Illuma brand.


The campaign exceeded Wyeth’s expectations for reach, brand awareness, and cost efficiency, outperforming multiple benchmarks. It delivered a 74% lower cost per completed view than the campaign target and reached 3.9 million unique users — more than two times higher than the industry benchmark. In addition, the campaign’s video completion rate was double that of Iluma’s previous social media campaigns and user-generated content platforms. With The Trade Desk’s advanced frequency control tool, Zenith helped Wyeth use their campaign budget more efficiently and reach 67% more unique users.

Results of total unique users reached

In further proof of the campaign’s effectiveness, a brand lift study with LnData found that Illuma’s campaign increased brand adoption by 292%, brand recognition by 117%, purchase intent by 58%, and product favorability by 9%.

Illuma has grown as a brand with The Trade Desk’s data-driven audience-targeting strategies, and the campaign’s success in reaching new and expectant parents across Taiwan has empowered Wyeth to leverage the campaign’s insights for building audience profiles, thus nurturing future campaigns and increasing their impact.

“The speed and simplicity of executing our recent marketing campaign for Illuma across Taiwan with The Trade Desk truly impressed us. From unifying multiple audience-targeting strategies to optimizing ad frequency and spend on the fly, it provided all the tools we needed. Our goal of reaching new and expectant mothers became an effortlessly successful endeavor.”

Carol Kao

Marketing Manager, Wyeth Nutrition