Unilever boosts sales for Ben & Jerry’s with retail data

June 18, 20243 minute read
Image of Ben and Jerry's ice cream pints

Unilever partnered with Mindshare to drive awareness and sales of its new Ben & Jerry’s desserts in Singapore. Leveraging our partnership with foodpanda, the team targeted key audiences using foodpanda’s first-party retail data. The campaign surpassed expectations, with a 1.5 times ROAS and a significantly lower CPA.

Image of key results - 1.5x ROAS for campaign and 26x ROAS for audience segment and 94% lower CPA than average for audience segment
“Using foodpanda’s retail data and measurement solution on The Trade Desk was a game changer for us. Not only were we able to use foodpanda’s data to reach high-value audiences, but we were also able to connect our spending to sales on the foodpanda app — with great results!”

Ellen Yap

Country Lead, Singapore Ice Cream Business, Unilever Singapore


Driving awareness and sales for its new desserts amongst relevant audiences

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the world’s most beloved ice cream brands, with millions of ice cream lovers around the world enjoying a scoop (or three) every day.

When Unilever launched its new Ben & Jerry’s desserts in Singapore, it wanted to build awareness and drive sales of new and existing flavours by reaching relevant audiences, including Gen Z consumers and ice cream lovers.


Using a leading retail data solution to reach key audiences and help drive higher ROAS

Unilever worked with its agency, Mindshare, to develop a strategy that took advantage of our partnership with foodpanda, Asia’s largest food- and grocery-delivery platform (outside of China).

The partnership enabled Unilever to use foodpanda’s powerful first-party retail data to target foodpanda’s customers and Ben & Jerry’s potential customers on the open internet, then measure sales impact via our platform. The target audience for this campaign included people who had bought Ben & Jerry’s products in the last 12 months and past purchasers of frozen desserts.

To measure the campaign’s effectiveness on sales, the company activated foodpanda’s sales measurement solution on our platform. This enabled Unilever to connect its ad spend to sales of Ben & Jerry’s products on the foodpanda app and track real-world outcomes.

Unilever was thrilled with the results of its campaign, which included a 1.5 times ROAS, outstripping the company’s goal for the campaign of more than 1 time. Transactional volume on the foodpanda app also increased because of the campaign, generating sales for Ben & Jerry’s new as well as its existing flavours.

By targeting foodpanda’s audience segment of past Ben & Jerry’s customers, the team achieved the highest ROAS at 26 times and the lowest CPA at 94% lower than the campaign’s average CPA.

As a result of its campaign, Unilever now has a better understanding of how its retail media investment translates into revenue. The company plans to continue using foodpanda’s retail solution in future Ben & Jerry’s campaigns and is exploring its utilisation for other brands and markets.

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