UMI delivers more reach and conversions using Unified ID 2.0

June 18, 20243 minute read
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When a regional grocery store chain approached Universal Media, Inc. (UMI) to execute a digital campaign to help reach online shoppers accurately, the agency used our platform to make every dollar of its client’s budget count. Our Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) solution allowed UMI to create a lookalike audience using its client’s first-party data to reach more of the right people.

Text key results from a case study with The Trade Desk and Universal Media
"The Trade Desk’s UID2 solution was instrumental in ensuring the success of our client’s campaign. By leveraging UID2 to create a lookalike audience from our client’s loyalty program data, we were able to reach more of the right consumers, resulting in a significant increase in reach and the conversion rate."

Nicole Dean

Digital Media Director, UMI


Targeting consumers online accurately and efficiently

Independent media agency UMI has been planning and executing successful ad campaigns for clients across the U.S. since 1986. So when a regional grocery chain approached UMI for help devising an innovative media strategy to reach consumers online accurately and efficiently, the agency leaped into action.

UMI’s client had been using printed circulars to promote its business to customers located near one of its 200 stores. But since many areas didn’t have circulars to advertise in, and given the declining return on investment in other locations, the company wanted to reallocate its budget to digital advertising to expand its reach. However, as a smaller player in the grocery market, the company’s advertising budget was limited. It was crucial that the agency make the most out of every dollar.


Using UID2 to reach more of the right consumers

UMI’s strategy involved using our platform to deliver ads for its client’s campaign programmatically, drawing on our marketplace of premium digital inventory. As targeting consumers in a local, personalized way was integral to ensuring the campaign’s success, UMI used our UID2 solution to reach more of the right consumers.

UID2 enabled UMI to leverage first-party data from its client’s customer loyalty program to create a lookalike audience of new consumers with traits similar to those of its most valuable customers. This resulted in a 78% increase in audience size and a 17% decrease in the cost per thousand ad impressions. Most importantly, the campaign achieved a 22% higher conversion rate, demonstrating that clients can use our platform to help optimize audience reach while meeting KPIs.

UMI plans to expand on this success by leveraging UID2 for more campaigns with the client, allowing them to continue developing their first-party data strategy as the industry nears a cookie-free future.

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