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Tombras triples conversion lift with HBO Max and TV Quality Index

A few years back, Connected TV (CTV) advertising was considered a niche market. Today, it’s a must-have for any brand that wants to stay competitive. The reason is simple: CTV offers a level of targeting and engagement that is only possible through a data-driven approach. But there’s one big challenge with CTV advertising: How should it be measured?

Tombras’ client, a bank with an eye toward innovation, has helped create a vision of what CTV measurement can look like with The Trade Desk. By tapping in to both Conversion Lift measurement and The Trade Desk’s new TV Quality Index (TVQI) scoring, the agency was able to find insights that both proved the value of the client’s investment and informed their future allocation decisions.

As of Q1 2023, The Trade Desk has access to over 100 million unique CTV households in the U.S. alone. This is made possible through the platform’s massive CTV marketplace, which provides advertisers with access to the content consumers are engaging with across a variety of streaming platforms and services. The Trade Desk’s TV Quality Index (TVQI) is a new metric available for marketers who would like to measure and optimize toward higher-quality ad experiences. By looking at consumer perceptions of different streaming platforms, ad relevance, and publisher signals, The Trade Desk can create a stronger fabric for measurement on its platform. Simply put, the higher the TVQI, the more confident marketers can be in the quality of the ad experience that their audience is having.

The Tombras group wanted to gain greater insights into the impact that this quality had on performance. By running a Conversion Lift test for their CTV campaign, the agency was able to get an objective measure of performance against their KPIs. When the results rolled in, the team found that while CTV as a channel drove a positive lift across the board, performance varied significantly based on the TVQI score. They found that the higher the score, the better the conversion lift. Premium streaming services saw an 11 percent increase in TVQI score and a 200 percent improvement in conversion lift when compared to ads served on free ad-supported television (FAST) platforms.

In addition, the team ran a brand lift test through The Trade Desk’s integration with Lucid, a Cint Company. The results further corroborated that quality matters. Nowhere was this more apparent than on HBO Max and Discovery+, where the team achieved a 22.5 percent lift in awareness and a 17.5 percent increase in favorability.

To learn more about what measurement solutions may be right for your use case, reach out to an account manager at The Trade Desk today!