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Telfast expands market share in allergy-relief category with an innovative end-to-end BVOD strategy

December 6, 20234 minute read

With viewers shifting from linear to connected TV, Telfast, a global leader in health care, needed an innovative solution to nurture greater market share. Activating a market-first TV data solution through Samba TV, their innovative campaign reached 3.7 million unique households across Australia and achieved 2x brand growth – and they did it with an end-to-end BVOD strategy on The Trade Desk.

‘We understand that our consumers are continually evolving in how they engage with and use media. This is what drives our efforts in digital transformation to better engage with our consumers with products such as Telfast.

This innovation in targeting and measurement across channels is born through the collaboration between our Foundation team, The Trade Desk, Samba TV, and Beatgrid. This has enabled our market-leading allergy-relief brand to reach more allergy sufferers, more efficiently.

It is this kind of thinking and partnership that has contributed to Telfast retaining the position of the No. 1 allergy brand in Australia across 2021.’

Tracey Peters
Media and Agency Relations, Australia & New Zealand
Sanofi Consumer Healthcare ANZ

‘Innovative solutions that deliver results are core to what we strive for, for our clients at Foundation. Big or small, every little bit that we can improve counts and makes a difference to what we achieve for clients.

As audiences flocked to large-screen, long-form experiences, we saw the opportunity to shift Telfast's targeting using up-to-the-minute data-viewing with Samba TV. On the flip side, the partnership with Beatgrid demonstrated, in almost real time, which audiences were reached and on which devices.

This collaboration with key technology partners has produced fantastic campaign outcomes that have contributed to strong business results.’

Ashley Wong
Head of Digital, Data and Innovation
Foundation Australia


As more Australians shift from linear TV to a range of connected devices, Telfast – well-known for its antihistamine medication – and its agency, Foundation, wanted to develop a new advertising strategy to better adapt to this consumer shift.

The biggest challenge they faced was that the typical method of planning and trading both TV and broadcast video on demand (BVOD) happens in silos. While they could plan reach within each platform, holistic post-campaign reach and frequency measurement remained a challenge. Additionally, Telfast wanted to grow and win market share in the allergy-relief category. To do this, it needed to reach more people, more efficiently.

Seeing an opportunity, Foundation recommended that Telfast run its new product campaigns on The Trade Desk’s leading programmatic ad buying platform. With the most comprehensive BVOD solutions, The Trade Desk’s platform empowers advertisers to efficiently reach fast-growing audiences with vast amounts of high-quality BVOD inventory (such as 7plus, 9Now, Kayo Sports, and Tubi) all in one place.


To drive incremental reach, Foundation used The Trade Desk’s platform to activate a market-first TV data solution through Samba TV – a cross-screen television and analytics provider that gathers viewership data from smart TVs across Australia.

This innovative integration allowed Telfast and Foundation to plan and forecast the expected incremental reach of BVOD on top of linear TV ahead of the campaign launch. Using Samba TV’s data sets, Telfast and Foundation found audiences that had not yet seen the TV campaign and targeted them across BVOD, ultimately avoiding wastage and minimising ad fatigue.


To verify and measure the incremental reach and frequency of the campaign, Foundation leveraged a unique cross-TV measurement solution partnership between Beatgrid and The Trade Desk. Beatgrid’s proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology measures cross-media audiences at scale. This solution helped prove that Telfast’s BVOD campaigns were reaching audiences that hadn’t been exposed to their ads via linear TV.

In the post-campaign report, Telfast and Foundation were thrilled to find that their BVOD campaign had reached 4.45 million people, with 1.65 million reached via BVOD exclusively – 16.24 per cent of the total campaign reach (10.16 million).

Moreover, the incremental reach exclusively from BVOD was 37.19 per cent for the target audience. BVOD also showed a more efficient frequency of 6.23 times, compared to linear TV’s frequency of 18.74 times. With a consolidated TV buying strategy through The Trade Desk’s platform, Telfast and Foundation eliminated waste and improved the viewer experience.

Telfast BVOD Strategy case study graphic

Through The Trade Desk’s platform, the Foundation team efficiently ran an end-to-end BVOD campaign across premium BVOD inventory. During the campaign period, it reached 3.7 million unique households.

The campaign successfully increased Telfast’s value and volume sales and grew its market share by a full percentage point (from 18.2 per cent to 19.2 per cent), amplifying the brand at two times the market to retain No. 1 in the allergy-relief category¹.

In addition to eliciting a huge campaign success with great results, Telfast and Foundation discovered useful insights that could help inform future campaign planning and investment decisions, such as which BVOD publisher served the most impressions and which was most efficient in completed video views.

¹ IQVIA, Total Allergy Value, September 2021 to December 2021.
MAT-AU-2302656 November 2023