How to harness the new TV Quality Index

Are you looking for an easier way to help your ads show up in premium environments? Wouldn’t it be comforting to invest in ad placements that you know can engage your audience? Enter the TV Quality Index (TVQI) — a revolutionary metric that empowers you to gauge the quality of your Connected TV ad placements. In this user-friendly guide, we break down everything you need to know to get started.

How it works

TVQI is all about bringing more control and transparency to advertisers who care about the quality of their ad experience. It evaluates two crucial aspects:

  1. Audience control: We assess whether you can effectively control who you reach and how often. This means you can prioritize the addressable impressions that fit your audience criteria and ad-frequency preferences.
  2. Content quality: TVQI dives deep into signals passed by the publisher side, including details about the device, streaming platform, and specific shows. Further details like production quality and third-party content ratings are also included. This helps prioritize your ads based on the environments audiences prefer most.

Our data-driven research shows that on average, for every 10-point increase in TVQI, advertisers witness a remarkable 15% improvement in conversion rates. In other words, better ad placements can lead to better results!

Getting started


Begin developing a baseline for results by targeting a broad range of streaming platforms. While the score maxes out at 100, we generally see premium inventory fall within the 60 to 80 range.


Next, analyze your TVQI scores alongside CPMs to see where you may be getting the most value. Our TVQI CPM metric helps normalize CPMs so you can more easily compare the value of different placements. These metrics are available in the platform table views, as well as in reporting under “TV Quality Index Report.” Be sure to add in your performance, reach, and frequency metrics before pulling the report.


Find insights by comparing the TVQI scores against your primary metrics. Tapping in to your team at The Trade Desk can help you determine if higher TVQI scores are linked to performance, unique reach, or optimal frequency.


TVQI auto-optimizations are free and easy to enable, helping you prioritize the highest-quality ad experiences without limiting scale. Enable this capability within your video ad group by adding the TV Quality Index optimization tile. We will prioritize inventory above the desired threshold first, and we recommend starting with 60 as the target.

We aim to bring transparency into everything we do, so you can have confidence in the environments where your ads appear. Ready to elevate your ad experiences? Contact us today.