Samsung closes the loop on attribution for online and offline sales

Results: 19X improved ability to attribute media to sales

“Before Samsung Sales Measurement, we had to make a lot of assumptions around the customer journey, but now we’re able to pinpoint exactly what media drives customer engagement and ultimately leads to a purchase within the marketplace.”

Christian Di Vincenzo

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Samsung Canada


Like many forward-thinking brands, Samsung Canada had a method in place for tying their digital strategies to direct brand sales, but struggled to connect media impact to both in-store and online sales. Their media optimization focused on, overlooking offline sales in Canadian carrier and national retail stores.


To optimize opportunity across the entire purchase process, Samsung needed to better access the customer journey. Partnering with Starcom Canada, Track, and our demand-side platform, Samsung Canada created Samsung Sales Measurement (SSM), a custom solution on our platform that leverages Samsung’s extensive first-party sales data to better understand the customer journey. Canadian customers who register their product through a Samsung account can opt in to marketing, which enables privacy-conscious data utilization for Samsung. Our conversion API and identity solution, Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), seamlessly integrate opted-in consumer data, empowering Samsung Canada to trace and enhance the path to conversion, better understand the customer journey, and help improve their media targeting and creative strategy via personalization.


SSM helped improve Samsung’s ability to attribute media to sales by 19 times.* The client and its agency improved their ability to understand their audience, and the knowledge gained from SSM helped inform where to shift budgets and plan for more effective ad campaigns.

*Based on average Samsung account registration rate for smartphones in Canada.

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