Rossmann uses seeds and relevance to grow sales through Connected TV

June 26, 20243 minute read

For its latest campaign, Rossmann set out to encourage mums to switch to Babydream – its range of low-cost, high-quality nappies. To support its linear TV activity, the team chose to add Connected TV (CTV) on our platform, leveraging the brand’s own first party-data to gain the precision that traditional TV advertising lacks.

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"Our first TV campaign was a complete success, with both immediate and expected longer-term results. We saw that our app was installed more frequently while the ads were running. And we’ve already repeated the campaign twice on a smaller scale and seen a growth in Babydream sales."

Tatjana Koch

Performance Marketing Manager, Dirk Rossmann GmbH


Using first-party data to build target audience and help maximise spend

When Rossmann launched its campaign to encourage buyers of other nappy brands to switch to Babydream, it knew it needed a smarter approach – one that would aim to maximise ad spend and help improve accuracy using more precise audience targeting. That’s why it chose to run its campaign with us.

The team’s own first-party data combined with our powerful audience-targeting capabilities were key to the campaign’s success. It created audience segments and seeds – a representation of its ideal customer – which our platform then used to recommend similar audiences.  


Combining CTV and first-party data to help drive awareness and sales growth

Rossmann’s 30-second spot, which featured a real family and a heartwarming message, was a huge success. What’s more, leveraging our platform helped the team to gather new consumer insights.

To support its linear TV activity, Rossmann added Connected TV to generate greater incremental reach. Then, to track and measure the impact on online and in-store sales, it made a coupon available to consumers through its app.

Adding CTV to linear proved to be a gamechanger for Rossmann. The team were able to reach 56% of people who watch CTV exclusively and, thanks to frequency savings, they were able to reach 171% additional households. So what was the impact on sales?

The campaign saw 20 in-store sales for every 1,000 media impressions delivered against Rossmann’s data. In fact, Rossmann customers were 30 times more likely to convert after seeing the CTV spot on the open market compared to the private market. Meanwhile, the lookalike and custom audience strategies informed by the brand’s first-party data were 3 to 4 times more likely to result in a sale after seeing the CTV ads.

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