PepsiCo Decisioning Cross Device Targeting case study results.

PepsiCo gets a taste of success with cross-device targeting – reaching 12 million consumers

December 21, 20233 minute read

Moving beyond traditional linear TV, PepsiCo, one of the largest food and beverage companies, needed a smart solution to reach the right audience, in the right moment. Pairing up with a unique audience-based recipe, their innovative campaign reached 12 million consumers across India, increasing media efficiency — and they did it with a cross-device targeting strategy on The Trade Desk.

“The results clearly demonstrate the cohesive effort of using the right strategy in cross-device targeting via The Trade Desk’s platform to reach the right custom audience of cord-cutters at scale while simultaneously achieving both efficiency and effectiveness. The key is to harness and maximise the full spectrum of capabilities offered by the platform. Fantastic teamwork!”

Jai Lala

CEO, Zenith India


PepsiCo is already one of the largest food and beverage businesses in India, but it’s always looking for ways to attract new customers. Across its portfolio of popular brands including Pepsi, Sting, Doritos, Lays, and others, PepsiCo India uses our demand-side platform for audience-based media buying.

The platform enables PepsiCo to perform efficient, data-driven ad buying, bidding on each ad impression based on value across some of the fastest-growing digital channels — over-the-top (OTT), audio, and websites on the open internet. The company also works closely with our team to tailor campaigns based on bespoke goals, to achieve optimal results.

So when PepsiCo India wanted to move beyond investing in traditional linear television and achieve incremental reach for its next Slice fruit drinks campaign, the team knew they could rely on us to help them craft a strategy to reach the right audience in the right moment.

Pictured is a bottle of the Slice mango drink.

Together with our team and agency Publicis Media India, PepsiCo India worked to develop a strategy that would allow the company to achieve incremental reach beyond linear TV channels.

The PepsiCo team used its rich collection of valuable first-party data and precise third-party data segments available on our platform to build a custom audience segment that targeted cord-cutters, or viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 who prefer watching on-demand content via over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

To enhance campaign performance and help PepsiCo expand its audience reach at scale, our team and Publicis Media India not only leveraged the expansive pool of premium OTT and Video inventory partners, but also activated cross-device targeting with the help of Identity Alliance.

Identity Alliance merges the industry’s leading identity graph solutions to seamlessly combine all people, households, and devices into a single, unified graph. With our solution, PepsiCo both expanded its reach across devices and optimised ad frequency across publishers.


The success of PepsiCo’s Slice campaign was measured by whether it was able to achieve the reach goals for the cord-cutter audience segment.

After enabling cross-device activation, the campaign achieved 100% of its reach goal – equivalent to more than 12 million unique users – which delivered 13% media efficiency.

The campaign delivered a view rate of 81% and achieved a frequency of more than four views by PepsiCo’s target audience, contributing to stronger recall by viewers. PepsiCo successfully reached incremental audiences that moved from linear TV to OTT content.

The success of decisioned media buying and cross-device strategy has reinforced PepsiCo's commitment to partnering with us for future campaigns.

With the optimisation methods and inventory deal activations that PepsiCo learned during the Slice campaign, scaling future campaigns will be refreshingly easy.