The Trade Desk - Pepsico Tropicana Case Study Results

PepsiCo boosts brand lift with programmatic DOOH

May 25, 20235 minute read

To make a splash in a competitive market, PepsiCo needed a new strategy to launch their latest Tropicana product. Going beyond traditional marketing, they took on an innovative programmatic approach with DOOH on The Trade Desk, serving up greater reach, awareness, and impact all across Malaysia.


When it comes to marketing, PepsiCo prides itself on innovation and being first to market with campaigns that are creative and effective. The recent campaign for its Tropicana Twister beverage brand was no different.

The global food and beverage giant wanted to increase awareness of Tropicana’s Twister beverage in Malaysia and to make a statement in the country’s competitive nonalcoholic beverage market.

Together with its agency, Publicis Media, Tropicana engaged The Trade Desk to create an innovative campaign that harnessed the power of programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) media and put Tropicana Twister on the map in Malaysia. Tropicana chose pDOOH because, unlike traditional out-of-home (OOH) media, it provides brands with the flexibility to activate campaigns across both DOOH and other programmatic channels within a single platform, then optimize them on the fly using real-time audience insights.


The Trade Desk’s programmatic demand-side platform (DSP) enabled Publicis Media to seamlessly activate and manage their pDOOH campaign. The agency was able to assign creative assets instantly, then target audiences on digital screens in central Kuala Lumpur (including Pavilion and Berjaya Times Square), control pacing to ensure the campaign was performing in line with Tropicana’s budget and goals, and troubleshoot the campaign – all on one platform.

Publicis Media also used The Trade Desk’s platform to collect mobile device IDs of audiences that were exposed to the pDOOH ads. Unlike with traditional OOH, the agency was able to utilize this data to retarget these audiences across other programmatic media channels on the open internet.

Tropicana and Publicis Media tested the effectiveness of pDOOH in driving brand recall and awareness by conducting an InMobi Pulse brand lift study (BLS) – a first in Malaysia, made possible via integration with The Trade Desk’s DSP. Globally, it was the first time a brand had leveraged this integration for a pDOOH retargeting campaign. BLS surveys were served to consumers whose mobile device IDs were collected from the campaign and who were exposed to Tropicana’s ads on other programmatic media channels.


Being a one-to-many medium, pDOOH is ideal for driving reach and awareness, and Tropicana Twister’s campaign succeeded on both counts. It garnered a whopping 5.7 million audience impressions in less than six weeks.

The InMobi Pulse BLS results proved the campaign’s effectiveness in driving brand awareness. Half of all survey respondents were aware of Tropicana as a beverage brand. Further, the pDOOH and multichannel campaign increased awareness by 19%. The BLS results also revealed that the campaign increased brand consideration for Tropicana by 6%. And around 80% of survey respondents said they were very likely to consume Tropicana in the near future.

Furthermore, the campaign demonstrated the value of first-party data in reengaging consumers. Users who were exposed to Tropicana’s pDOOH ads were more likely to engage with the brand’s display ads on websites and apps, where they were redirected to a landing page. In fact, retargeting audiences using first-party data from the pDOOH ads resulted in a 3.5 times higher click-through rate (CTR) than targeting audiences using third-party data on interests and demographics.

After these positive campaign results, PepsiCo plans to launch more innovative pDOOH campaigns in other markets across Southeast Asia.

‘Publicis Media and the planning team collaborated to brainstorm on an opportunity related to programmatic DOOH via The Trade Desk. The idea was to leverage the power of digital screens, The Trade Desk’s capacity to capture real-time device IDs and make it a full-loop consumer journey campaign by retargeting audiences created via devices. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness and create impact for Tropicana in Malaysia. Overall, we had positive learnings from the campaign that can be further implemented on strategic decisions in the future. Our communication with The Trade Desk was very supportive. The team at The Trade Desk was helping to ensure the campaign ran as per best digital practices. Based on the results and the brand lift study done via a third party, we were able to understand how the campaign resonates with audiences. It also gave us insights for future improvements. From device IDs, we were able to execute the first-of-its-kind device ID retargeting.’

Zohair Ismail
Senior Media Planning Director, Publicis Groupe

‘Our first implementation of a programmatic digital out-of-home campaign has been highly successful in reaching and engaging with our target audience. The use of data-driven targeting and real-time optimization allowed us to deliver highly relevant messaging to our audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and consideration. We observed a significant uplift in CTR compared to the demo and behavioural audiences in the display channel, indicating the impact of digital out-of-home. The Trade Desk's team provided commendable support throughout the campaign, was involved in every step, and provided daily troubleshooting assistance. The success of this campaign is a testament to the power of programmatic advertising and its ability to deliver measurable results for brands. PepsiCo Tropicana’s innovative approach and use of cutting-edge technology demonstrates the commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering impactful campaigns that resonate with the audience. Thanks to the support and expertise of The Trade Desk’s team, we were able to achieve our goals and exceed the expectations. It was a truly amazing experience, and we look forward to more successful campaigns together.’

Zunair Sheikh
Malaysia Technical Operations Director, Publicis Media