Mikado grips Connected TV audiences with daring escape plot

June 18, 20243 minute read
Image shows a man carefully balancing a Mikado chocolate stick between his thumb and index finger. BFA '24 Winner

TV and snacks go hand in hand. But in such a crowded marketplace, the challenge for any snack brand is to find a captivating way to be top of mind. For this, Mikado combined the power of storytelling with Connected TV (CTV) to engage and inspire TV and movie snackers, reaching 93% of its target audience in just four weeks. Here’s how they did it.

The outcome surpassed our expectations, excelling in our primary objectives of both brand awareness and brand recall. In fact, the campaign fostered a strong connection between the brand and the consumer, firmly establishing Mikado as the ultimate companion for two pivotal moments in people’s lives: relaxing on the sofa and taking a break at work.”

Jose González Murillo

Programmatic Trader at Spark Foundry


Using the power of story to sway the hearts, minds, and wallets of TV snackers

When Mikado launched its biggest campaign of the year in Spain, its mission was to become the snack of choice for movie fans and TV lovers. That’s why the campaign was built around a daring escape plot starring Spanish actor Pedro Alonso that rolled out on TV screens across the nation.

To help maximise reach and impact, Mikado’s agency, Spark Foundry, added CTV to the media mix, using our programmatic ad buying platform to reach a younger audience who do not usually watch traditional TV. With CTV, Spark Foundry could also track, measure, and control the ad frequency, aiming to give the audience a positive and memorable brand experience.


Making Mikado the snack of choice through a data-driven omnichannel approach

Spark Foundry, Precision, and our teams developed a sequential story which opened on CTV – a screen that tends to better engage audiences and pique their attentions.

After raising awareness with two 40-second spots, the teams then ran subsequent ads on online video (OLV) and display, keeping the story alive and Mikado’s chocolate-coated snack front of mind.

With this omnichannel approach, the teams were able to activate their first-party data, retarget viewers, and cap frequency across all three channels. This approach avoided ad waste and enabled the teams to reinvest savings to expand reach.

By consolidating the media buys on our platform and applying cross-publisher frequency, the teams reached an additional 1.1 million households. Across TV and digital activity, the campaign reached 21.4 million individuals between 18 and 55 years old – representing 93% of the target audience – in just four weeks.

The campaign had a direct impact on brand awareness, with quadruple the brand mentions in December compared to April, when the previous campaign was launched. And thanks to sequential targeting, the campaign was among the top 15% brand lift studies worldwide run by Happydemics, with high scores for ad recall and brand image.

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