Maximize the potential of first-party data with CRM onboarding

In an increasingly fragmented ecosystem, brands are relying on more partners to help them connect their marketing efforts than ever before. As a part of our commitment to collaborative innovation in the future of identity, we’re facilitating integrations with some of the most trusted data platforms in the industry. These partnerships will help advertisers increase the power and utility of their first-party data and Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) identifiers, as a part of existing work streams for audience segmentation and measurement in a cookie-less future.

Our recent partnership with Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) will allow The Trade Desk customers and data providers to connect sophisticated audience segmentation and analysis with the power of scaled activation across the open internet. Advertisers can make the most of first-party CRM audiences today while preparing for the future by leveraging customer email and its ability to unlock connections to valuable online and offline data.

The Adobe integration will enable:

  • Use of UID2 for data onboarding and activation at scale
  • Individual household targeting and measurement with first-to-market Connected TV (CTV) activation
  • Use of granular data from The Trade Desk to perform advanced measurement inside Adobe’s CDP

Why are advertisers leaning into CRM Onboarding?

CRM onboarding brings offline customer data — such as phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses — online for activation and measurement. While first-party data sets have always been valuable, they’ve taken on additional significance as digital advertising identifiers, such as cookies and device IDs, move toward extinction.

Despite the inherent value of CRM data, activation can present the following challenges:

  • When data is made available for activation, scale is often a challenge with industry match rates (the percentage of CRM data that can be translated to digital identifiers) hovering at just 30 to 50 percent*.
  • Customer data often lives in silos, and the process of moving it across platforms can be slow, difficult, and costly.
  • Advertisers need to acquire and activate data in a manner that aligns with consumer expectations of privacy.

Working with The Trade Desk

CRM Onboarding with The Trade Desk addresses common challenges surrounding portability and scale, and makes it easy to immediately activate your most valuable data, while also preparing for a future without cookies and device IDs. With competitive match rates and seamless activation, CRM Onboarding with The Trade Desk can help you maximize the potential of your first-party data right away. Here are some of the salient features:

Built on a privacy-conscious identity foundation — the data you upload to your data platform is resolved to UID2, an open and interoperable ID framework designed with consumer privacy in mind and industry accountability at the forefront. This combination makes UID2 an ideal starting point for advertisers looking for a sustainable foundation for their first-party data.

Integrated onboarding experience — you can upload your email database from a CSV file or import your CRM data directly via API. The Trade Desk then communicates with the UID2 service on your behalf to translate emails into UID2’s and makes these audience segments available in your data library. Many leading data platforms also take advantage of UID2’s interoperability benefits to directly onboard data to our platform with UID2. Ask your account manager if this option is available for your customer data platform vendor.

Connections that scale — onboarded audiences leverage the power of our industry-leading Identity Alliance graph to take advantage of the available IDs in the bid stream. Currently, there are more than 245 million people associated with a UID2 in Identity Alliance. This often allows us to deliver an average match rate of more than 56 percent for onboarded segments*. With these connections, you can immediately maximize scale with cookies and device IDs, as well as other leading identifiers that will work in tandem with UID2 to deliver addressability as cookies decline.

With competitive match rates and seamless activation, CRM onboarding with The Trade Desk can help you immediately maximize the potential of your first-party data. At the same time, you can build the workflow and connections to help prepare for the future as UID2 continues to scale across the ad ecosystem.

Getting Started

To get started with CRM Onboarding, contact your TTD account manager.

To learn more about Unified ID 2.0, visit.


*The Trade Desk proprietary data