LVM Versicherung finds assurance in a cookie-free customer acquisition strategy

May 3, 20243 minute read
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“We wanted a new, cookie-free way to effectively reach our target audience and measure the results. Working with The Trade Desk, we used targeting strategies that allowed us to reach the right people, enhance brand awareness, and drive cost-efficiencies.”

Svenja Erdmann

Head of Programmatic Innovation & Development, Crossmedia GmbH

Key results: 49% reduction in new-customer acquisition costs; 17% boost in cookie-free reach; 29% of budget saved with smart frequency caps


Targeting a new, younger customer base without using cookies

LVM Versicherung, one of Germany’s national insurance companies, offers personal and commercial coverage to protect all areas of life, from cars to homes, travel to pets. While its consumer-facing side traditionally catered to an older demographic, it wanted to focus on reaching a younger customer base that was identified as a key growth driver.

But the impending demise of third-party cookies made it difficult to measure effectiveness, in turn jeopardising the brand’s marketing strategy. And though the brand has its own customer data (or first-party data), it lacked sources about the buying behaviours of the younger demographic.


Pairing retail data with an omnichannel strategy

To set up the campaign for success, LVM Versicherung and CrossMedia GmbH leaned on our demand-side platform and our partners to work towards maximizing and growing their first-party data. The team tapped into premium data sources and interest segments from leading retailers Lidl and Kaufland, which enabled them to amplify their targeting precision. To help drive scale, they identified previously unavailable customers in-market for spare car parts, car safety products, caravan travel, and e-mobility.

The team then developed a broad omnichannel media strategy to engage these consumers across different touchpoints, on channels such as Connected TV (CTV), online video, in-car audio, and display advertising. While high-impact ads captivated the audience, display ads reinforced the messaging throughout the consumer journey – all of which helped enhance the relevance of the brand’s marketing efforts in cookie-free environments.

The Results

Kicking cost-efficiencies and brand awareness into gear

LVM Versicherung saw a 6.6% surge in brand awareness, while a brand lift study showed a 15% improvement in brand perception. As for efficiencies, LVM enjoyed an impressive 49% reduction in cost per lead (compared to the previous year), while the campaign's cost per acquisition plummeted to 56% below the benchmark.

Using our identity graph to cap frequency helped the brand save 29% of its overall budget. Integrating retail data helped the team bolster campaign performance, driving down costs and extending reach - specifically in cookie-free web browser environments. In fact, the team saw a 17% increase in engagement on cookie-free platforms, all thanks to our identity solutions. Now, LVM Versicherung wants to embrace data-led strategies for its future campaigns.

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