A clearer view of marketing's impact with Retail Sales Index

Do you want to connect your marketing efforts to retail sales in-store and online? We know most shoppers make purchases across multiple stores, but it can be challenging to track those sales holistically. Our solution? The Retail Sales Index (RSI). RSI simplifies the complex world of retail sales data and gives you a clear view of sales from leading retailers. For the first time, you can easily get a pulse on how marketing is driving sales and use those insights to guide optimizations. With this guide, we show you everything you need to begin.

How it works

RSI consolidates the sales data from retailers so you can see revenue and ROAS in one place. Once you select the RSI metrics, you can gather insights, painting a picture of where your audiences are converting — both online and offline.    

*This is available for all retailers that are integrated with The Trade Desk to provide in-platform, user-level measurement. 

Getting started  


Connect with our team as well as participating retail measurement providers that you may already be speaking to, to determine which product(s) you'd like to track. Add each provider’s conversion pixel to your campaign, as indicated below.


Next, run your advertising campaign as you normally would. As your campaign runs, retailers can measure online and in-store sales generated. This information is seamlessly connected with your campaign spend.   


Throughout the campaign, RSI insights will surface in reporting under the metrics “Retail Sales Index - ROAS (Adv Currency)” and “Retail Sales Index – Total.” With these new insights, you can gain a holistic understanding of how your campaign and audience targeting are driving sales across retailers or take a more granular view of each participating retailer’s sales. You can use these sales signals to optimize in real time.  

By accessing and optimizing these real-time sales insights, you can ensure your campaigns are consistently set up to help drive sales and, ultimately, help drive growth for your brand.  

Say goodbye to siloed sales measurement and hello to a unified view. Ready to take your advertising to the next level? Contact us today