The Trade Desk + Kraft Heinz - Case Study Results Box

How Kraft Heinz served up online-to-offline conversions in Indonesia

February 26, 20244 minute read

Looking to make an impact during the festive season, Kraft Heinz Indonesia decided to add a new flavour to their marketing approach for ABC syrups. Pairing up with The Trade Desk, they launched a programmatic strategy that leverages first- and third-party data, reaching the right audience at the right time while enabling greater online-to-offline conversions for the brand.

“Footfall measurement, in collaboration with Adsquare and The Trade Desk, helped us to explore the success rate of the O2O redemption system for our Ramadan campaign in Hypermarts and gave us insights into user quality data, frequency-capping rate, and more. Looking forward to having continuous learnings to optimise future campaigns.”

Mia Fawzia

Head of Media and Marketing Service, Kraft Heinz


Kraft Heinz is one of Indonesia’s top food companies, its local ABC brand a market leader across several categories. During Ramadan, however, the competition in the beverage market is particularly strong, and the company wanted to increase the sales of its ABC syrups during this holy month.

Kraft Heinz Indonesia decided that a voucher-driven online campaign would be the best solution, but it wanted to optimise to reach the right audiences and accurately measure the campaign’s impact on offline sales.

To do that, the company knew it needed to go the programmatic route. The team chose The Trade Desk to run their digital brand campaign, marking its debut in utilizing the platform. They were drawn to the demand-side platform’s advanced online targeting capabilities and integrated offline metrics from location data partner, Adsquare.


Kraft Heinz Indonesia’s campaign strategy was to entice shoppers to buy ABC syrups at supermarkets by offering a voucher code in online ads that entitled purchasers to a discount.

The company ran a two-week display campaign on the open internet using The Trade Desk’s platform. The aim was to drive shoppers to 20 Hypermart stores in Jabodetabek during Ramadan.

To target specific consumer groups, Kraft Heinz used The Trade Desk’s third-party data – including location and behavioural data – and onboarded first-party data from the food giant’s previous campaigns to the platform. Targeted groups included grocery shoppers who lived close to the Hypermart stores in Jabodetabek, previous visitors to these stores, and others whose behaviours indicated they were interested in shopping.

Then, to further boost engagement, the company retargeted users who had previously seen ABC’s Ramadan ads.


To measure the campaign’s effectiveness, Kraft Heinz Indonesia activated an innovative footfall measurement solution by The Trade Desk and Adsquare. The solution allows brands to track the customer journey from digital ad exposure to in-store visits, providing location-based insights.

By using The Trade Desk platform, Kraft Heinz was able to activate the measurement tool, track Adsquare's footfall traffic metrics on the platform, and calculate how the digital campaign was driving in-store visits and sales.

Furthermore, near real-time location-based insights enabled the company to optimise its budget by making midflight changes, such as optimising ad sizes that generate more visits to improve campaign performance and drive additional sales.


Kraft Heinz’s first digital campaign on The Trade Desk’s platform was a resounding success. The company was very pleased with its two key performance metrics: voucher redemptions and average CPA.

The campaign resulted in 3,522 store visits, according to footfall measurement data. Of these visits, 20.5% ended in a shopper redeeming a voucher.

The average CPA for the campaign was IDR 29.940/USD$1.95 – 70% lower than the company’s benchmark. Proximity audience targeting was the best-performing strategy, achieving a CPA of just IDR 24.403/USD$1.59.

Importantly, the campaign clearly demonstrated to Kraft Heinz Indonesia how connecting online advertising activity to offline sales with market-leading technologies delivers significant, measurable results. They were impressed with the insights and success of the campaign and will continue to utilise The Trade Desk for their future digital campaigns.

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