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Johnson & Johnson extends their care to the open internet — reaching audiences with CTV and OTT

Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest and most diversified health care products company, wanted to explore beyond Big Tech’s walled gardens for their latest campaign. They needed a smarter way to reach new audiences on CTV and OTT, and grow their first-party data across Taiwan — an advanced data-driven targeting strategy on The Trade Desk.

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson | Agency: Universal McCann

Methods: Connected TV, over-the-top, social display

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The world’s largest and most diversified health care products company, Johnson & Johnson is among the top 10 investors in research and development globally. Innovation plays a key role in the company’s marketing success, too, as they take the lead in medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods.

Recognizing the huge marketing potential of the open internet, Johnson & Johnson and its agency, Universal McCann (UM), wanted to explore new advertising technologies and data sources on flourishing channels like connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) video.

Taking on this new approach, the company turned to The Trade Desk to launch a multichannel campaign for its latest Regaine hair product in Taiwan.


With The Trade Desk’s independent, objective demand-side platform, Johnson & Johnson and UM aimed to reach new audiences efficiently using advanced data-driven targeting.

They were particularly impressed by The Trade Desk’s powerful data marketplace — where the campaign team could access a wide selection of data segments and target audiences based on purchasing habits, location, background, interests, and more.

To drive more conversations, the team also used social display ads to retarget consumers who had viewed the CTV and OTT video ads. The social strategy executed on The Trade Desk’s platform was simple, reaching audiences with the same engaging ads, so that the agency didn’t have to produce new creative material every time.


Working with The Trade Desk helped the team easily bring everything together. Instead of purchasing and managing inventory from multiple publishers individually, the demand-side platform became a one-stop shop for them, with a variety of premium CTV and OTT inventory available.

The Trade Desk’s platform provided detailed metrics that helped the campaign team optimize its ad spend. For example, the team found out that the most effective segments were a custom audience based on Regaine keywords, and data of shoppers who had shopped in an Asian retailer — Watson.

In addition, the platform enabled the campaign team to apply frequency caps across all channels and devices. This minimized wastage, reduced overspending, and provided a better audience experience, as ads were not shown to the same individuals too many times.

Taking the collaboration further, UM worked closely with The Trade Desk to provide valuable campaign insights, on top of day-to-day campaign management. These insights led Johnson & Johnson to nurture a better understanding of their target audience, and better optimize the campaign as well — taking its impact and effectiveness to a new level.


The campaign was a huge success for Johnson & Johnson, reaching 1.1 million unique individuals, who each viewed Regaine ads only three times on average. The frequency caps enabled Johnson & Johnson to reach 46,000 additional users without increasing its budget, representing a 4.2% increase in unique reach.

Outperforming the campaign team’s cost-per-completed-view target by 108%, the CTV and OTT video ads achieved an impressive completion rate of 94%.

Social display ads also outperformed their target impressions and click-through rates (CTRs) by 314% and 600%, respectively, gaining an overall CTR of 0.6%.

Building on the brand’s achievements, the success of the open internet strategy with The Trade Desk has made it possible for Johnson & Johnson to reduce its dependency on walled gardens. And by growing its own first-party data, the brand can now drive healthier and more cost-effective campaigns in the future.

“Working closely with The Trade Desk, we have successfully helped Johnson & Johnson develop a template for healthy, sophisticated, data-driven campaigns. One that reaches new audiences in a cost-effective manner while nurturing and leveraging the brand’s first-party data to drive greater conversions.”

Jim Lee
Associate Director, Business Development and Performance
Universal McCann Worldwide, Inc.