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In early 2022, we announced OpenPath. OpenPath simplifies access to inventory from participating premium publishers for advertisers on our platform. By supporting a more objective, efficient, and transparent supply path, OpenPath helps advertisers maximize the intrinsic value of their media investments.

OpenPath aims to:

  • Increase performance by reducing hops in the supply chain
  • Provide an alternative option for advertisers, evaluated with the same efficiency standards as all our supply connections
  • Give enhanced visibility into the source, supply path, and intrinsic value of each impression

To fully understand the benefits of OpenPath, we're going to show you the complexity of the supply chain and help you become familiar with all the players who sit between the publisher and the advertiser. We'll also highlight how this complexity can reduce efficiency for the advertiser. Finally, you'll see how OpenPath provides a simpler, more direct connection between the publisher and the advertiser.

Understanding the players in the supply chain

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Now that we've covered a simplified version of the supply chain, let’s talk about how it can work when you’re buying through The Trade Desk via OpenPath.

How OpenPath Works

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OpenPath is currently in Closed Beta, working with selected premium publishers. To find out more, reach out to your TTD account manager at The Trade Desk or visit.

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