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Your guide to prepping for a decisioned upfront activation

The future is decisioned media buying, so what’s stopping you from leaning in? We’ve developed a straightforward guide with a timeline and action items to facilitate your upfront activations on The Trade Desk. These resources will help you prepare for a Connected TV (CTV) launch in just four weeks.

Some marketers repping big brands are in the process of deciding on their TV investments “upfront” for the remainder of the year. This buying strategy, typically aligned to the TV broadcast calendar, was historically led by the traditional TV networks transacting on a guaranteed basis. But modern upfronts have broadened to include CTV streamers, digital pure-plays and the like. After all, it’s those CTV players’ platforms that command the attention of today’s viewers.

Since ad-supported streaming has become a key way for advertisers to reach audiences across channels and devices, the upfront of old is becoming less relevant — and with it, guaranteed deal types. Decisioned media buying through platforms like The Trade Desk offers myriad opportunities for your brand to reach consumers through real-time bidding and data — the future of media buying.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your decisioned upfront agreement with these resources:

With the Decisioned Upfront Guide, you can get a four-week timeline complete with recommendations and technical setup steps for launching your CTV campaign. Learn the basics of pre-launch planning and forecasting, setting up your campaigns, and more.

Learn how to activate your first-party data, optimize your budgets and more with an interactive webpage you can bookmark to help you along the journey from campaign planning to execution.